Homage to Shri Seemandhar Bhagwan

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    • Homage to
      Shri Seemandhar Bhagwan
    • Edited by
      Dr. H.C. Bharill

Lesson 1


Oh, Seemandhar Bhagwan you have imposed limitations on the worldly ocean,

Diverting your consciousness towards the self, you have achieved perfect omniscience.

This perfect omniscience is full of perfect potency, perception and eternal bliss.

You have become the pure sentient soul delighting in thy own consciousness.

With your intrinsic power you have defeated the arch enemy delusion.

Oh destroyer of worldly existence ! make me also fearless and destroy this eternal circle of life.

I implore you to remain with me during the ritual.


Blessed with the attributes like those of water, you are pure, blissful and faultless.

You are destroyer of the impurities of the soul by washing off perverse faith.

You are the great repository of perfect sentience like clouds full of the life giving nectar.

You are a life-giver to spiritually minded beings, blossoming their lotus-minds.

Oh omniscient Seemandhar ! I offer you this water, an emblem of consciousness.

I implore you to quench my thirst for knowledge; I worship thy feet with water.

I offer to you this water for destroying my circle of life and death.


Handsome as the moon, you diffuse joy like its shining rays.

Oh Lord I you are the destroyer of the turmoils of life an miseries associated with it.

My heart has been burning with the fire of eternal desires an wishes.

This fire cannot be extinguished with the sensual pleasure of worldly life.

To destroy these eternal longings, you are as sandalwood from Mount Malyagiri.

I worshop thee with sandalwood and offer my you a hundred times.

I offer to you this sandalwood to exterminate the fire of worldly existence.


Thy abode is the eternal siddha-shila, I have come to you in full faith.

I have no faith in divisions, 1 stand before you as a candidate for thy post.

Taking support of the indivisible, you acquired the indivisible empire of thy spirit,

And imparted the glories of the soul to this world after achieving that purest manifestation.

I also want to have that infinite bliss, for which I have offered you this unbroken rice.

I have fallen in love with the infinite attributes that you have attained.

I offer to you this unbroken rice to achieve un-derstroyable glory of the self


You are a sweet smelling sentient flower with no foul smell of attachment and aversion.

Being consciousness incarnate, you have nothing to do with this mundane world.

Full of the fragrance of thy own qualities, you are bereft of all non-self material.

Merry making in thy own garden of sentience, you are away from the shadow of this world.

I got some solace in the flowers and so associating them with the heavenly blossoms,

I have come to offer you these, that gave me a temporary shadow of delight.

I offer to you these flowers to destroy lust and passion in my being.


Full to the brim with the nectar of joy, you do not distribute material gains.

You are free from hunger of mind and the five senses that trouble the humans.

I have not been able to satisfy my hunger with various sweet dishes,

As such I have taken refuge in thy overflowing stream of the nectar of joy.

You impart everlasting satisfaction ending all hankerings after senses and mind.

I am confident that all my desires will come to an end, with you in my heart.

I offer to you these sweets in order to win victory over my passion of greed.


Oh monarch of all pervading sentience, you are the light of this world and the other.

Enlightened by the perfect conscious light, you are the destroyer of the darkness of attachments and aversions.

You are solid light having destroyed all the obstructions by your supreme effort.

All the substances are reflected in your sentience but you retain perfect detachment from these.

I have brought this material lamp in your feet to illuminate my inner-self.

I implore you, Oh Lord ! to end at once the difference that exists between you and me.

I offer to you this lamp in order to destroy the darkness of delusions.


The fire of unhappiness is burning with force; the whole world is miserable.

All the beings are lying unconscious, the storm of attachment ravages all.

This storm is encircling all the living beings and goes up the heavens as well.

Consciousness covered with ignorance roams in the eighty-four lac birthplaces.

The message of incense is that you have risen high up and left this existence.

The ten rules of religion have appeared in your life with the incense of thy inner self.

I offer to you this incense in order to destroy the karmic matter of the eight kinds that has settled in my being.


Merits and demerits are both agonies absolutely caused by sinful associations.

Ignorance is the mother of all these and they are against the spirit of consciousness.

They grow like thorns in the courtyard of the abode of consciousness.

Subtle like the shadow of mirage, they change their forms always.

As a gift of thy worship I only wish that the fires of merits and demerits be quietened,

And the creepers of peace may give shadow to my dormant soul.

I offer to you this fruit in order to achieve the fruit of complete liberation for myself.


Accepting your nature as pure water, you have merged yourself in thy inner self.

The sweet fumes of sandalwood have begun to flow as worldly passions are defeated.

The sweet home of the infinite, when all the blossoms of soul attributes, flourish.

You become unblemished with eighteen impurities and the light of sentience shines anew

The activities of mind, speech and body have stopped and the karmas have been burnt.

The result, oh Lord ! was that you attained the supreme glory coveted by saints.

I offer to you this mass of the eight substance in order to achieve, everlasting happiness of the soul.


Though present in body yet bodiless and, therefore, the monarch of Videh.

Oh Seemandhar Bhagwan I remain always in the four eternal attributes,

Your abode at present is Eastern Videh, where you exist as an Arahant.

You are above attachment and aversions, having acquired matchless detachment.

Oh sentient by nature, Seemandhar Lord, your bliss is never ending.

Though limited to your own attributes, you are the monarch of the three worlds.

You are the splendid Sun for destroying the darkness of delusions.

Though indivisible, you have shattered all the karmas into pieces.

 You accepted monkhood, abandoning the life of a householder,

Taking recourse to thy own sentience you achieved perfect omniscience,

You are the sun of perfect consciousness and perception, full of eternal bliss and strength.

You have attained fullness in thy own self and you are the donor of delight like moon.

Oh Jinendra ! you are even at present preaching your gospel in East Videh,

Where those, who are spiritually minded, are listening with rapt attention.

Acharya Kundkund also received the rays of your omniscience in your Samavsharan.

He himself experienced it in his soul and partook of thy bliss during those days.

He got the light of the pure soul there and accepted that as the true emancipator.

He then explained the glories of the pure soul to the tormented world of ours.

He then wrote Samaysar, which glorifies the pure soul full of complete bliss.

Pure soul is the only worthwhile thing, the rest is all mundane.

I am by nature pure and sentient and wish to achieve that pure manifestation.

My only desire is that my present life be filled with the rays of the Sun of Samaysar.

Samaysar is the only worthwhile substance

Its glories are immeasurable, I bow to thee many a time.