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World Peace and Harmony

The First and Most Comprehensive Online Resource for Jains Across the World


Happy Diwali

Jainworld was founded in June 9th, 1996 based on the pursuit of World Peace and Harmony


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My soul, characterised by knowledge and faith, is alone eternal. All other phases of my existence to which I am attached are external occurrences that are transitory.
Mahavir, NIYAMASARA, 99

About Us

Since 1996, Jainworld has been the most comprehensive and popular website on Jainism. This has been the result of tireless efforts and dedication by 500+ people from all walks of life and diverse belief systems representing different nationalities across the globe.
Massive 175 GB site having 155000 web pages, 11000 images, 700 hours of Audio and Video, 24 languages, 236 complete books in several languages, 92347+ hits per day, visits from 151 countries and 705 man-years of work.

Mission 24L 

On June 9th, 2020 (Shrut Panchami Day), Jainworld has completed 25 years of service to the Jain community worldwide.  A few of our achievements:

  • Jainworld has revolutionized the way Jainism is perceived globally by creating a visible, global signature for Jainism.
  • Jainworld was the first to bring Jainism to digital space by creating very first online Jain resource and is the de facto entry point globally to the exciting world of Jainism
  • Our Mission 24L plan makes sure that Jainworld extends coverage to 97% of the global population from 187 countries.
  • It has already translated Jainism in 41 languages and made the core values of Jainism accessible to all, all the time

What can “I” do to help this historic project?

1) Sponsor a language
2) Advertise on Jain World.
3) Collect / give donations which are tax-free in USA
4) Collect Jain Audio / Video/ Clipart/ photos /Paintings (in all the languages).

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