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Jain Alphabets With Picture 그림에 알파벳 
Jain Dictionary 전통 낱말의 사전 
Jain Education Level 1 수준 1을 위해 학습
Jain Education Level 2 수준 2을 위해 학습
Jain Education Junior Level 후배를 위해 각자 배우는  학습  
Jain Education Senior Level 연장자를 위해 각자 배우는  학습 
Tatvagyan Pathmala Part – I TatvagyanPathmala1 
Tatvagyan Pathmala Part – II  TatvagyanPathmala2 
Veetrag Vigyan Pathmala I VeetragVigyanPathmala1
Veetrag Vigyan Pathmala II VeetragVigyanPathmala2
Veetrag Vigyan Pathmala III VeetragVigyanPathmala3
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Plays 놀이
Short Stories 단편 소설
Arahat Vandana
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