Ram Learns About Selfishness


Ram Learns About Selfishness

Suketu: I can’t wait for the class party. I am so excited. Aren’t you?

Ram: I am excited too. I think it will be fun, fun, and just plain fun.

Suketu: My mother is making popcorn for me to take. I really do like them.

Ram: My mother is making a dozen chocolate chip cookies.

Suketu: I love chocolate chip cookies.

Ram: I don’t care if you like them or not, but I am the one who is bringing them. Not you!

Suketu: Aren’t you going to share your cookies?

Ram: Are you kidding me? Look out face, open mouth, ready teeth, down into the stomach, here they come! A dozen chocolate chip cookies, delicious cookies and they are all mine to eat. Mine, Mine, Mine.

Suketu: We learned in our Pathshala class that we should share what we have with others. To start such a habit, we are going to share our refreshments with others.

Ram: That is kiddy stuff. If I bring them, I am going to eat them, all of them.

Suketu: I will see you at the party tonight.

(Both leave)

After the party:

Suketu: The party was a blast. Wasn’t it fun?

Ram: (Head hanging very low) Boy I feel terrible! And I do mean terrible.

Suketu: What is wrong with you?

Ram: My tummy is killing me. It hurts so bad. I think two bears are fighting inside of me.

Suketu: Do I need to call your mother?

Ram: No, Suketu! I was told to share the cookies, and I didn’t. I will get grounded. I ate all of those cookies myself.

Suketu: Why would you get grounded?

Ram: Because I ate all of the cookies.

Suketu: Why didn’t you think of that before, so you wouldn’t have eaten all of those cookies?

Ram: I was selfish and didn’t want anyone else to have any.

Suketu: You should share and not be selfish with other people.

Ram: You have that right….I think I am going to die. My stomach hurts so bad. My stomach even told me to share.

Suketu: When did stomachs start talking?

Ram: It told me to never, never, eat by yourself, always share your things.

Suketu: Have you learned your lesson?

Ram: Yes, I will share things for the rest of my life. I will be fair and this won’t happen ever again. I promise to do what is right, SHARE.

Suketu: I will share with you too, Ram, and I will do that right now.

Ram: Share what?

Suketu: My mother’s Pepto-Bismol! Let’s go.