Rajesh Learns About Purity


Rajesh Learns About Purity

Rajesh: I learned a lot much in school today. I can’t believe that I am so much smarter this afternoon than I was this morning.

Ram: I learned a lot also. We are studying about the Red Indians, and we are building a great big teepee in our classroom. Are you doing anything like that?

Rajesh: That’s nothing compared to what I learned today.

Ram: Did you read about the Vikings and the big ships fighting on the seas?

Rajesh: Oh, Ram! That’s just kiddy stuff.

Ram: In our class today we learned our multiplication facts. Do you want to hear them? 2×7 is l4, 3×6 is l8, and 3×8 is 24. I bet you didn’t know that.

Rajesh: I sure didn’t. (Shakes his head) I know something you don’t know. I learned some new words today.

Ram: I did, too. Do you know what transportation means? I also learned what the word vaccination means. Do you know what the word colony means?

Rajesh: I sure do. It’s a new kind of an electronic game they came out with.

Ram: You know everything Rajesh.

Rajesh: Well, I almost do. I bet you did not learn the words I know. Listen (whispers in Ram’s ear).

Ram: Rajesh, that word isn’t a nice word.

Rajesh: You haven’t heard anything yet.

Ram: Rajesh, your mother would be so upset and disappointed with you if she heard you say that.

Rajesh: That’s exactly why I am telling you and not her.

Ram: Did you know you get pap (bad karmas) for saying these bad words?

Rajesh: You don’t get pap just by saying words.

Ram: It’s not just the words, it’s the impure thoughts that come with those words.

Rajesh: I know that I had some bad thoughts when I was saying those words, but I didn’t know that I would get pap for them.

Ram: Well you did get pap, and now you need to get rid of those thoughts so you can be pure.

Rajesh: O.K. my friend, I better start thinking about good things so I can be a better person with pure thoughts and good wishes.