Rohit Learns to be Merciful


Rohit Learns to be Merciful

Rohit enters all beaten up. He puts some Band-Aids on his wound and a sling around one arm.

Rohit: I feel awful. I borrowed Manish’s brand new blue bicycle, and I ran into the tree with it. I promised that I would guard it with my life. Oh, no, here he comes.

Manish: Rohit, are you hurt? What happened? Is there anything I can do for you?

Rohit: I had an accident, but I am alright.

Manish: I am glad that you were not hurt too badly.

Rohit: No, I am not hurt that bad, just a little sore.

Manish: I just came by to get my bike. My cousins are here and they wanted to see it.

Rohit: I think it is in my backyard.

Manish: What do you mean?

Rohit: Well, I last saw it in my backyard.

Manish goes to the backyard).

Manish: The back fender, what happened to it?

Rohit: The front fender is next door in the neighbor’s yard. The tires are in the tree. The chain is in the alley, and the handlebars are in Tejal’s yard.

Manish: You mean to tell me that you wrecked my bike?

Rohit: I wrecked your new bike. Please do not be angry with me.

Manish: Don’t worry. Thanks for telling me the truth. I will gather up the pieces.

Rohit: You mean you forgive me?

Manish: Yes, I forgive you. I am sad, but I can not blame you. Honest!

Rohit: Wow! You are a true friend.

(Manish walks to the yard.)

Tejal: The poor tree. I hope that it is not hurt, because you sure did hit it hard.

Rohit: Accident happens to everybody.

Tejal: That is exactly what I came to talk to you about.

Rohit: Did you have a bicycle wreck also?

Tejal: No, not a wreck, just an accident. Do you remember the Spider man comic book you loaned me yesterday? Well, I don’t know how to say this.

Rohit: You did not ruin it or loose it, did you?

Tejal: Well, not exactly.

(Manish enters from the side and watches quietly)

Rohit: I love that comic book.

Tejal: It is not my fault. My little sister and the dog did it. My sister spilled water on it and then when she put it out to dry and my dog chewed up the wet book.

Rohit: What did you say? That was my favorite comic book. He began chasing Tejal.

Manish: Rohit ? What are you doing?

Rohit: I was just playing with Tejal. I really was.

Tejal: No, he was not.

Manish: Rohit, did you forget the lesson we learned about mercy in our Jain Center Sunday class? I remembered it, and I forgave you for messing up my bicycle. Can’t you forgive Tejal about the comic book? The book only cost twenty-five cents and my bike was a lot more than $100.

Rohit: Now, I remember what we learned about mercy and forgiveness. Tejal, I am sorry that I lost my temper.Don’t worry about the comic book. I am not upset anymore. Things can happen. Thank you, Manish, for helping me remember the right things to do.

(Rohit and Manish leave.)