Ram Learns about Judging Others


Ram Learns about Judging Others

Nirav: I have a new friend who just moved in our neighborhood. His name is Suketu. He has a new ten speed bike, and he lets me ride it. I want you to meet him. Come on.

Ram: What color is his hair, black?

Nirav: Yes, do you know him?

Ram: I bet his eyes are brown, aren’t they?

Nirav: You must know him, do you?

Ram: No, I don’t think that I want to be a friend with someone like that.

Nirav: How can you say that about someone you don’t even know?

Ram: I can tell already that he is a sneaky, creepy, terrible thief, and we should not be friends with him.

Nirav: That is a terrible way to judge someone, Ram.

Ram: Oh, I’m not judging. I saw him downtown last week in one of the stores. I saw him take some candy from behind the counter. I am not judging, these are true facts.

Nirav: How do you know he was stealing the candy?

Ram: You could see that he was stealing the candy. People just don’t go behind the counter.

Nirav: I know why he was behind the counter. Ram, his daddy told him to go behind the counter.

Ram: You mean his daddy wanted him to steal the candy?

Nirav: Not really Ram. Suketu’s daddy owns the store. Suketu helps his daddy by working in the store.

Ram: You mean he has a job?

Nirav: Yes. See you weren’t being fair when you judged him.

Ram: Well, that’s how things looked to me. I really didn’t mean to be unfair.

Nirav: You shouldn’t judge people. Just keep your thoughts about other people to yourself. Remember the other day we learned that only Arihant Bhagwan knows everything. I hope you didn’t mention that you thought Suketu was a thief to anyone else.

Ram: No, you are the only one I told.

Nirav: Well, I am glad Ram. People shouldn’t talk about others. People gossip and start to think bad of others.

Ram: I am really sorry Nirav. I promise I won’t do it again. Suketu is a nice guy. Will you take me to meet him?

Nirav: O.K., he is at the candy store. Let’s go over there, and I will buy you some candy.

Ram: That’s so nice of you Nirav. Let’s race to see who can get to the candy store first.