Rajesh Learns About Jealousy


Rajesh Learns About Jealousy

RAJESH: Rohit came over to see me and left his toy truck here. I know he left it at my house just to make me jealous. Boy! It’s just like the truck I have always wanted. I am so jealous of him. It isn’t fair that he has a whole roomful of toy trucks, and I don’t have any. I bet his bedroom looks just like the Toys ‘R’ Us store. Well you know what I am going to do, I am going to break his toy truck. Rohit doesn’t need all of these neat toys, especially not this one. He makes me so mad. This will teach him a lesson. It will teach him not to be so selfish. Rajesh breaks the truck into many pieces. Rohit deserves it. Now I feel better.

(Rohit comes in)

ROHIT: Rajesh, Rajesh! Are you here? Rajesh, did you get the birthday present I left for you?

RAJESH: What birthday present? Did you get me a present?

ROHIT: Yes, I did. It had a red tag on it, and I put it on top of your television. Now I don’t see it. The red tag on the present says, “To Rajesh, From: Rohit.”

RAJESH: You mean it was a present? What was it?

ROHIT: For four weeks, I have been saving my money to buy you a toy truck. Remember, the one you liked?

RAJESH: A toy truck? Really?

ROHIT: Do you know what might have happened?

RAJESH: It could have been stolen. Or maybe it just rolled away.

ROHIT: Rolled away? I have looked everywhere and it is not here. I think we need to call the police. I paid a lot of money for that truck. I bet they will put the robber in jail for taking the truck. People go to jail for stealing cars and other things.

RAJESH: I think, I am going to get sick.

ROHIT: Don’t you worry. The police will find the robber, and he will really be sorry. He will go to jail. I hope they fingerprint the robber and put handcuffs on him.

RAJESH: I think I just got sicker.

ROHIT: Rajesh, don’t worry. I will see the robber gets put in jail and doesn’t eat anything except water and bread for a whole month.

RAJESH: (In his mind. I was jealous of Rohit and all of his toys, and now I am really in trouble. My Jain school teacher said we should not wish for the things that others have, and that I should be happy with what I have. I sure wish I would have listened to her. I think I had better tell Rohit the truth about the truck. I can’t go to jail and miss supper at home, my parents will be furious with me.)

(Loudly) I found the robber! I caught him right here. His name is Rajesh. Don’t call the police…it’s me. I’m sorry, I was jealous and broke the truck. I thought it was yours. I realize what I did was wrong. Will you forgive me?

ROHIT: Of course, I will forgive you. After all, it is your loss. Remember, that it was your birthday present.