In this modern scientific age of advanced electronic printing so many books are printed daily that even a sincere reader of literary taste cannot read all of them in his whole lifetime.


This short treatise on Jain philosophy written purely in a missionary spirit throws ample light on the ten universal supreme virtues of Jainism.


An honest and vigorous attempt to follow these supreme virtues in daily practical life of give and take even by a religious layman will usher in an era of peace and harmony both in individual life and social life.


Consequently will relieve this war-torn world from its maddening strife for physical achievements and sensual pleasures at the cost of health, happiness, peace and morality.


In truth, Jain philosophy of non-violence, truth, renunciation, non-attachment and chastity is a panacea for this ailing humanity, which has been aspiring for eternal peace and happiness for long.


This book dealing with ten universal supreme virtues of Jainism will provide mental and spiritual food to the seekers after truth and non-violence.


The author,Munishri Kam Kumar Nandi, a great saint fully detached from all worldly allurements has tried to explain in a lucid style, the virtues of forgiveness, humility, honesty, contentment, truthfulness, self-restraint and chastity, through simple anecdotes from every day life and by giving illustrations from various Jain and non-Jain scriptures and quoting from great renowned scholars.

作者Munishri Kam Kumar Nandi,一个完全摆脱了所有世间诱惑的圣明之人,尝试通过日常生活中的简单轶事,通过从各种耆那教和非耆那教经文中列举例证及引用著名智者的名言,用一种清晰易懂的形式解释宽恕,谦逊,诚实,满足,善言,自律及禁欲这些美德。

In truth, like ‘see-through’ a character in Gallsworthy play ‘Strife’, the young saint always carries a lantern of right knowledge in his hand ‘to show, what is there;no more, no less’ in the sacred Jain scriptures, which store the message of the twenty four Jain Tirthankaras – the same as it had its spontaneous outburst from their mouths in the times immemorial.


The learned nude monk aims at imparting the true message of Jainism to one and all

‘to kindle the flame of good ideas and restraint bad feelings in man.’


He is hurried but not worried to hand over the cultural heritage of Jainism to the present and future generations of mankind, undeterred and unhindered by all challenges of the materialistic world; for this young soul has ‘miles to go and miles to go, before he sleeps.’


I am highly grateful to His Holiness Munishri Kam Kumar Nandi. He during his Chaturmas (four months rainy season stay) at Jain Bagh, Veer Nagar, Saharanpur, in the year 1994, when I first came in contact with him, entrusted me with the pious work of giving English rendering to and enlarging his Hindi sermons on the Ten Universal Virtues ‘Dash Lakshan Dharma’.

我深深感谢他的教宗Munishri Kam Kumar Nandi。1994年,在Jain Bagh, Veer Nagar, Saharanpur他的Chaturmas (居住了四个雨季), 我第一次接触了他,他委托给我一项虔诚的工作,把他的北印度语训诫十大美德‘Dash Lakshan Dharma’翻译成英语并加以扩充。

He advised me to utilize the remaining years of my transitory life in self uplift and social service. I hope this spiritual torch of Jain precepts will show light of truth and peaceful coexistence to the benighted world treading the path of bitterness, intolerance and discord.

All suggestions for the improvement of the book both in language and subject matter are most welcome.



I cannot fail to acknowledge the valuable contribution of religious minded, charitable

and benevolent persons for their financial assistance in publishing this book. All those,

who have rendered their services in the publication work, deserve all praise.



  1. C. Garg (Jain)

8/1121, Veer Nagar, Jain Bagh


November 10, 1994


Don’t merely talk of Faith, but talk with faith;

Don’t merely talk of Meditation, but talk with meditation;

Don’t merely talk of Knowledge, but talk with knowledge;

Don’t merely talk of Self-restraint, but talk with restraint.