Shri Krishna

Shri Krishna, the king of Dwarka, was very bold. Even though he was a brave person, he was kind at heart. Whenever he saw anybody suffering, he tried to relieve their pain.

Everyone praised him for his kindness, even the heavenly angels. One day the king of the heavenly angels told all the other angels that there were many people who were compassionate, but there was no one comparable to Shri Krishna.

After hearing that, one of the angels decided to test Shri Krishna’s compassion. He assumed the form of a miserable dog and laid down on the main road in the city of Dwarka. The dog was starving and was lying restless. The bones of his body were showing. His teeth were protruding out of his mouth. He was crying because of the pain. There was blood all over his stinking body. His foul smell caused many people to start using other roads.

One day, Shri Krishna passed on that road. He saw the restless, screaming dog. He felt pity for him and without minding the foul smell, he went near him. He talked to him with affection. He wiped the blood with his clothes and torn them for making bandages for the dog.

The heavenly angel said to himself, Shri Krishna is really a kind king. He resumed his true form and praised Shri Krishna for his kindness.

The moral of the story is that we should try to be kind, like Shri Krishna. We should help everyone, whether they are humans, animals,

birds, or any other living being, who is suffering. Nobody likes pain or suffering. We should be helpful. By helping others, we acquire good karma called “Punya.”


1) What kind of person was Shri Krishna?

2) What was the heavenly angel testing?

3) What did Shri Krishna do when he saw the restless dog screaming?

4) What do we learn from this?