SUKETU: (Singing) “Superman” Where are you going now?

KOMAL: Not that again! I am sick of that song.

SUKETU: I will never get tired of “Superman,” he is my hero. Superman is number one in my life. I want to be just like him. I’d follow him anywhere he wants me to go.

KOMAL: I have a hero too.

SUKETU: You do? I bet it’s Ronald McDonald or Mickey Mouse.

KOMAL: No it isn’t. My hero is real, not fictitious.

SUKETU: How about the President of the U.S.?

KOMAL: No, no.

SUKETU: It must be a movie star.

KOMAL: No, he isn’t in the movie. You have a book about him.

SUKETU: Please tell me, Komal.

KOMAL: Mahavir is my hero. He was brave. He taught us about the Jain religion. I read about him. I adore him, and I want to follow his principles. I want to be just like Lord Mahavir.

SUKETU: Komal, that is great!

KOMAL: Presidents and movie stars are people just like you and me. They don’t teach us about our souls. That is why Mahavira is very special.

SUKETU: Can two people have the same hero?

KOMAL: Sure they can.

SUKETU: Good-bye, Superman. Hello, Mahaviraswami!

KOMAL: Great, Suketu. Let’s tell everyone about our hero.