Result of Dishonesty

This is an event from the childhood of Bahan Satyavati Ji. Once she was returning from the school, she saw a tomato seller sitting on the road. When she reached home her mother told her, “Oh my dear daughter, take this coin of fifty paisa and bring half kilogram of tomatoes from the market.” She set out immediately and reached the tomato seller.

She asked him to give her half-kilogram of tomatoes. When the tomato seller gave Satyavati the tomatoes, she asked the price of tomatoes. He replied only twenty-five paisa. She gave him the coin of fifty paisa. But by mistake he returned her six coins of five paisa instead of five coins. When she counted the money.

She found that the seller had given her one coin more. She stopped for a moment and thought, whether she should return the money or keep with herself. Finally she decided to have the money, but when she reached home, she saw that there were only five coins with her. She was very surprised and came to know that one coin was of dishonesty and it fell down from her hand. After this Satyavati took an oath never to be dishonest in her life.