Annikaputra Muni

In this very state of Bharat, there are two cities with the same name Mathura. One is in the north and the other is in the south.

Then a certain rich traders son from the northern Mathura set off on a pillgrimage towards the southern Mathura.

This trader’s son found a friend in a wealthy man in the southern Mathura. So he invited him for food as this is the first rule to maintain and increase friendship.

Now when the traders son sat to have his food the wealthy man’s sister named Aanni arrived there with a fan to fan him and to serve him appropriately.

This trader’s son could not control his amorous descres when he manifested the mind – blowing beauty of Aani from her head to her feet.

So the traders son asked for Aanni’s hand in marriage. At this proposal her brother replied that he would allow her to go along with him on a condition that he would have to stay there tell her first son is born.

This condition was accepted by the trader’s son so they were married. The trader’s son began having a peaceful life at his brother in law’s house. One day due to his presence in a family life, his wife became pregnant.

Here he received a letter from his mother and father. Which said that the continous flow of tear from the eyes has complelled blindness to inflict pain upon their eyes.

So adderssing him as their son asked him to return back home at once if he intends to see them alive the son read these lines with tears burimming in his eyes.

Aammi manifesting the forlorn tearful sight of her beloved asked him the reason for this
sadness. But she did’nt get any reply. so she herself read the letter and said to her beloved to keep aside his sadness as everything would be fine in no time at all.

Then Aanni mentioned this matter to her parents. So they send Aanni along with him to her in laws place, when on the way itself Aanni gave birth to a baby boy.

She knew that his parents would name the child so she didn’t name it because noble son’s speak only according to their father’s will.

The servants used to call the child as Aanikaputra. so when they reached home, the parents too named the child as Aannikaputra.

Aanikaputra began growing up in his father’s house as the growing phases of the moon. So He began growing up as an intoxicated boar enters a forest of youthood.

Having committed a few vinyl sins, Aanikaputra in his youth itself renouncited his desires of passion and thus attained monastism. He then became an Aacharya and began wandering about on this earth.

One day as he was wandering about, he happened to come on the banks of river Ganges where a city named Pushpebadra had taken its place in its laps. Here a king named Pushpeketu and his queen named puspevati used to reside.

This queen pushpevati gave birth to twin a boy and a girl at the same time who loved each other a lot as the kids of a gamini (yuglic) would love eacho these.

So manifesting this unusual sight the king thought to himself that if he separates them then they are bound to die so he decides to the tie a matrimonial knot between the two so they can start a family life.

So once the king puspetetu called an assembly of his subjects in order to escape from their slanderous criticism and questional them as to whose at would belong if ever diamonds were to be found.

The whole assembly answered that the diamonds would belong to the king so the king then said that he would make them tie a knot of matrimony who are just like gold and diamonds blended together.

Even after the queen’s reluctance, the king had a grand marriage ceremony of the twins, pushechul and puchechula.

Pushechul and pusphechula who loved eachother a lot began living a life of happiness. The lay woman pushpevat, who began nuturing desires of monastism, attained nunhood and then was incarnated as a very wealthy (parmadhrick) god in heaven after her death.

After the death of king pushpekete his son puspechul ascended the throne then his, mother who had become a very wealthy god in heaven manifested that pushechula loves her husband abundantly through her Aavdi gyan.

The king pushpachool having been detached to avoid the hell sufferings used to show the hell sufferers hence afraid of the seene pushpachoola said to him.

At dawn the king questioned the buds. The reply that was given was the same as what the Aachaya Aanikaputra had said.

He said that hell is always dominated by darkness. It is an utterely dangerous place of hunger thirts disease and of possessed souls. The mere thought of this ask some sight would send a chill of fear into our spines.

Then pusphechula asked the acharya s to what you seen in her dream as he knows the actual meaning of the dream. At this he replied saying that he speakes as a mere mouthpiece of the lord Aarihant.

The mother who was a very wealthy god showed pushpechula after some lapse of time the devlok (heaven). The buds were questioned again. At this they gave a very opposite reply.

Then Aanikaputra Aacharya gave them a whole discription of devlok (heaven). Then pyspechula sked the acharya the way to attain this heavely bliss and as to how one does not easily go to hell.

At this the acharya told her about the regulations of a nun. Then the queen asked her husbands permission to attain monastism. At this the king replied that she will then have to ask for food (bhiksha) athis house.

Having accepted the condition of the king the pushpachula attained monastismm then the Aanikaputra acharya send his disciples ahead of him and he stayed along as he began loscing the stamina in his thighs.

Pushechula used to bring the food from the king’s residence and the with a clear consience used to offer it to her spiritual instructor then after a lapse of time she attained kaval gyan.

Even after attaining keyalgyan, one should not forget the manners and respect one should bestow on others so keeping this rule in mind puspechula began offering proper food for that moment to the acharya after a little thought.

Addressing her as a daughter Aanikaputra acharya said that she happened to know the way to destroy cough whenever it starts harrescing so in the same way he asks her whether she happens to know the right food to be given when a person has a certain ailment and at the right time.

When other monks said, “Guru deva! when the clouds were raining this nun has brought food and water on this Gurndeva asked, ‘Oh nun! what is it ?’ she replied,” I have brought quiet acitt water.’

Oh sadhriji? how can you differentiate pure or not when the clouds are in the say? she replied, “I know it because of having absolute knowledge.

He exclaimed with lamentation that he had insulted a kevalgyani this thought made him all the made results then the nun said that as and when the river Ganges will settle down he too shall attain kevalgyan.

Having heard the words of the nun the acharya stood up at once as it is not appropriate for a person to be lazy when he is about to attain something marvelous. He than sat in a boat in the ganges that was decorated by the people.

Now when the acharya anikaputra sat in one corner of the boat thus the boat began to sink people through acharya in water.

Antikaputra acharya a foe of the past- birth had borne (held) a nailed weapon in water. He having been injured by the said weapon through the spiritual contemplation acquired the exeranla truth.

Having attained Kevalgyan the acharya became a siddhe the gods began giving ample of reverence and respect to the body of the acharya. This place in the state became a very famous pilgrim spot named prayog.

In the waters of the Ganga acqua- creatures bit up the body. His body was drawn by the waves to the banks of the river.

By chance a seed of patil tree stuck to his right gum (tooth). That seed in the course of time penetrated the top part of the head and grew into a tree.

The king – Udayi having been dejected because of the sad demise of his father – kunik established a city named patil putra in place of the tree in ever lasting memory.

In this way over prosperous Antikaputra Acharya according to the need got incarnated for the
interest of the blessed souls.