In a city named Hastinapur, a lion- hearted king named vajresingh used to rule thus city. He had a wife named sobauggea manjari and a son named sheetal.

He had a daughter of mind – blowing beauty, named Trilokyeasunderi whose beauty wouldn’t be compared to even in all the three worlds. when she came of age she was handed over to a king named kanakprub of kanchanpur in marriage.

This prince sheetal who was all covered up with the blanket of amorist once took up to monastism in the presence of an old and immobile monk. This monk was a very intelligent acharya.

Trilokyesundari had four sons one after another. She used to always tell them stores in which she would always mention about her brother sheetal.

She said that “just as their maternal uncle who was devoid of all desires regarding the kingdom had taken up to monastism on the same way once after a lapse of time an old monk
happened to come there.

The world began getting sapless because of old and immobile monks having heard this they received this intelligence and they attained monastism after a lase of time they became very well- learned men.

One day after asking the spiritual instructor for permission, they set off to pay their respects to their maternal uncle. Here the maternal uncle left his previous abode by make it auspicious and blessed and arrived on the outskirts of the city.

They said that it was not appropriate enter the city at this moment so they stayed at a temple. Then they asked a man who was entering the city to convey a message to the achary a Sheetal.

The man said to the Acharya that his sisters four children who had attained monastism were keen on taking his blering. But were not able to enter the city as it was not appropriate having heard this the acharya swelled with happiness.

Here in the devkul (temple) they attained heal gyan at night so they did not go to their spiritual instructor at down. At this their uncle began to wonder about them.

That tister’s son will turn up of her the religions viz. sutra paurushi and Arthpaurushi but he did not turn up anyway, so he thought to contact garayli the guide. At that time he did not receive garugi respect fully nor he washed his feet keeping his (holy) staff aside.

” How can I bow observing pratikraman the prayers ?” uttered gurugs” If you feet it proper you
do so” he said.

“Oh ?what a great shame kesness and rudeness by the monKs !” saying thus sheetal any a ab grily bowed to them and stood up before them.

The spiritually perfect persons do not violate te precedental traditional courtsey. This is their jeetkalpa,” but here it is a lack of modesty towards gurajli.

The monks continued, “you bowed first with Drabgandan Material show, now do it again formally with Bharavandan an internal respect.”

They knew that guruji has lain with passions in the sixth qunasthan. Sheetalacharya again asked”, Do you know this also?”

The monks relied “,Yes, we know very well because we possess the hidden awareness of the extreme and entire know. We have achieved this knowledge”.

“Oh! I am unfortunate to ignore and insult such entire knower” said Sheetalcharya in a balanced mood and mind and consured his own soul.

Sheetalcharya having been convinced got detached bent and bowed and became free from adverse feelings.

Sheetalcharya as before bound himself with deeds following anger effect; In the same way with a good will, destroyed them entering aporvakaram.

After the fourth bowing Shetalacharya achived the eternal truth. The only act of physical
bending became the cause of both bond and salvatim also.