Trutparishahe Dhanashrmamuni

In Ujjayini city a master named Dhanmitra used to reside he had a son named Dhanasharme
who was like a symibol of wealth and hapiness.

On hearing the religious discourse from the guru he got detached to worldliness. he got initiated on the spot with his son in the presence of the monk.

Once in the mid-day time both father and son irrespective of alliance or allied well-wishers to all went to Alagpura with a group of monks.

A young and novice muni under the sun stroke of summer because of thirst got uneasy and began to walk slowly.

Other monks left him behind but Dhanmitra muni out of love towards his son was slowly legging behind.

Then on the way a river with rising waves appeared, on seeing which Dhanmitra muni was too much pleased and said to his son Dhanasharma.

Son, on seeing your physical state it seems to me that you are uneasy with thirst but now I do not have pure water, What can I do ?

Therefore now you have to quench your thirst by drinking water of the river only because the wise people facing emergency should do anything even prohibited by the scriptures.

When any how a good deed can not protect under emergency, a prohibited process also can be resorted, because when the highway is wet with water the wise people take another way.

Therefore quench your killing thirst then repent of it before guru.

Saying that crossing the river Dhanmitra thought that my son out of shame will not drink water before me.

Ashy person doing anything wrong is afraid of even his shadow so I slowly disappear from his

Thinking thus Dhanmitra muni went head. then a young muni came near to the river but he having been committed did not drink water of the river through he was quite restless because
of thirst.

Other people said that his palate, mouth and chest were dried up so he was very rest less because of thirst. Even then he thought thus.

I am restless with thirst so I drink water of this river ever if it is a taboo later on I shall repent of
it before my guru.

Thinking thus Dhanasharma muni held water in his fold and stretched before the mouth at
that moment he began to think.

Veetrag Jineshwar Lords have observed that a single drop of water contains countless germs. I know this sermon-statement very well, so how can I drink this water full of germs ?

Water contains “Tras’ creatures like fish named “pootar’ and “sthavar’ creatures like “panak’. One who kills these creatures is defined as a killer of all creatures.

Life has to be lost some day even under protection one who is keen to protect his life will destroy it ?

Water of the river is animale any how it is not fit for me, deciding thus she poured water in the
fold in to the river again.

Then that monk who was young but patient stayed on the bank of the river because he was
unable to step further because of thirst.

Dhanasharma was very uneasy because of thirst but he had deep regard for religion so he did
not drink water with jerms which was a banned act. chanting panch parmeshti Namaskar he died and joined the heaven.

Then the god by help of Avadhijnan knew his past birth on seeing his father before him he proceeded to lead him. on seeing his son approaching Dhanmitra his father became very happy and began to walk further.

Then Dhanasharma Deva on the way saw many munis restless with thirst so got many drinking places constructed.

As gods having nectar from the pot become health in the same way saints also having why etc, from gokuls became healthy.

Thus the monks to have curds etc wandering with the cow herds crossed the forest and reached the ultimate drinking centre.

Then the god who was keen to introduce himself came forward. during that some saint bed was left behind because of oblivion.

After walking some steps further that monk remembered his beg so he returned to find it that monk found it them but Gokul was not seen.

That monk having a ring came back and joined the monk’s group. He said to them that his beg was found but a gokul was not seen.

On hearing the monk’s words they were astonished and they thought that a god in the forest indeed might have erected gokuls with his power.

Mean while that god shining with luster appeared and bowed to all monks except his father Dharmamitra.

Why do you not bow to Dhanmitra muni ? In reply he said to them.

When I was uneasy with thirst this monk advised me to drink this water with germs so even though he was my father in the past birth I would not bow to him.

Then he out of attachment played a role of foe because he advised me to drink water with germs which would lead me to the hell.

If that time I would have drunk animate water according to his advice I would have been wandering in the world because of a breach of the vow.

Guru or father who never encourages his disciple or son to follow the prohibited path is fit to be respected.

A god named Dhanasharma saying thus went to the heaven and the monks also happily set out for else where.

A quite determined Dhanasharma the young monk tolerated the torture of thirst in the same way all the monks desirous of salvation must endure the restlessness out of thirst.