Harishenchakri Muni

There was a King named Mahahari in the city named Kampilya situated in the sphere of this Bharata. He had a favourite wife named Mera.

They had a son named Harisena whose birth was indicated through fourteen great dreams, who was brighter than gods and pleasing to all.

Growing like the moon he mastered sixty four arts. He who was fifteen dhanusa (sixty feet) tall
attained the auspicious youth.

Fourteen gems were produced on some day while Prince Harisena was ruling after receiving vast reign from his father.

After that (acquisition of fourteen gems) he united six continents with Bharata. Being coronated as Monarch he enjoyed pleasures for a long time.

After having been saturated with worldly pleasures and due to lessening of the Karmas, same day he got detached to the worldly affairs and thought this – all prosperity has been upto me by dint of merits of the past.

Therefore I again try to achieve merits, because if the past merits are spent up without earning new ones the great plight may be created. Thinking thus great king Harisena took initiation and burnt up the wilderness of Karmas with the fire of pure penance.

Glorious emperor Harisena having enjoyed the long life of ten thousand years accomplished absolute and indestructible – ultlimate knowledge after the extinction of ghati – karmas that destroy the spiritual merits.