There was a Brahmin named Yagnadutt who believed himself to be a great scholar was living in the city named Krshitipratishthit he always aritised jainism.

Once guruji guide defeated him in a debate so he obeyed and accepted Jainism he observed the vigilence strictly and successfully according to god’s instructions.

His relatives became happy to see him successfully observing continence but he did not stop criticising his wife also tried to hyptonise him.

After death he was reborn in the heaven his wife also having accepted continence expired without repenting hyptonism experimented on her husband she too was reborn in the heaven.

There was a master named Dhan in the city Rajgrih. Chilati was the man and most famous
maid (servent) a monk all.

Brahmin’s sould devited from the haven and was reincarnated in the womb of chilati he was
known as chilatiputra.

In the same familhy brahmini’s soul was reborn as a younger daughter of Dhansarthrah having her name susuma following the five sons.

Dhansartharah appointed chilati’s son to take care of her. Someday he out of love towards her in the past birth was found Jesturing with her limbs by the master Dhansartharah.

This youth is not fit for out family so considering he pulled him away. Then he arrived at the thieve’s colony named sinhguha, he was looking very handsome so the leader of the colony
kept him in service.

After the leader’s death he became the leader of the society he instructed his colleagues to go to Rajgruha.

He thought that the daughter and the whole wealth of the master Dhansarthavaha should belong to him with such a purpose and decision he entered with his companions into the master’s home.

They all took up his wealth and jhidnapped his daughter throwing a sleeping medicine over the other mambers and fled away far to their colony.

Dhan master said to his watchguards that “see my weth has been stolen and my daughter has been kidnapped by the thives so come with me, the wealth found back will be yours & the daughter should be returned to me. “saying so the dhan master, ran after the theives along with his son’s watch guard’s.

The watchmen recovered the wealth from the thieves but Dhan master with his sons went
ahead following chilatiputra.

On seeing Dhan master reshing towards him he cut down her head and takeing it went forward.

Now when Dhaneshrashti found him self wrapped in a blanket of extreme sorrow and pain, he returned home here he happened to meet a very intelligent monk who was in a practice of praticing penance.

Muni preached him areal religion on hearing which he was appeased and became happy with his family.

he was puzzled wild taking away her head in his hand’s mean while looking like a religion it self a muni was seen performing penance in the sunlight.

Meanwhile amonk was found on seeing a thief with arms he disappeared in the space. uttering sermons.

On hearing the muni’s words he tried to interpret the terms of upshan (continence) samvar (renunciation) vivek (discrimimation).

A control over anger is defined as upshan and the renanciation of wealth is find as vivek thinking thus he threw down a sword and her head.

Keeping the mind and body in to control is called samvar, thinking over these three elaments he stood steadily in state of statue.

Following the smell of is blood the chance gathered there on the body of chilatiputra under
meditation and began to bite it with there quite pointed teeth.

These insects from top to bottom covered his body and with their bites made it full of holes.

These insects burnt up my old misdeeds and obliged me thinking thus the philosopher did not have any malice in his mind against these insects.

He tolerated the torture from the insects for two and half days with complete patience and
ultimately expired joining the haven of the eighth category.