Suvarnasangruhkar Nandaraja

There was a city named Patliputra in the east like a shadow of the city of Indra.

There was a momarch named Nand in the city named Achalpur. He was the master of the whole earth and was superior to Lord Indra in regard to killing the enemies.

The monarch – Nand imposed taxatines on the exempted people. He imposed more taxes on those who were paying and those who were paying more were more heavily taxed with defense types of taxathing.

The monarch Nand used to state the king’s trickery works our and nor the plough he thus found a fault and usurped the wealthy from the rich.

As the sea is the shelter to water the king is the shelter to the wealth. saying thus the king Nand becoming merciless anyway used to draw the wealth from the public.

He exhausted the money from his subjects so mercilessly that they became totally penniless, because no grass can be gained or grown from the land which is completely covered with the nets of spiders.

He did not allow the gold money even to remain as a symbol in those days people began to exchange with leather coins.

Like voracious fire he did not exempt anybody from taxations including the cheats and prostitutes.

People began to grumble’. Is he the same Kali even after nineteen hundred years of lord Mahavir’s salvation ?

Because of Pennilessness people had to dine on the ground grass. They now began to a use the king in his nose because only the respectable deserve distance.

The king Nand raised the mounts of gold a mounts he filled up the pits and treasury with gold yet his desires for wealth could not be fulfilled.

On hearing the contemptible conduct of the king Nand, the king of Ayodhya sent a special messenger to preach and persuade not to behave so he came there.

The king who collected the at most wealth from the subjects and still remained unsatisfied appeared like a beggar before the messenger that messenger bowed and sat before

Oh having been permitted by the king he said, “Maharaj! please do not take ill my master’s message because well wishes do not use sweet words of flattery unnecessarily.

Bad and adverse comments on the king’s conduct were occasionally heard through one ear to another but today these words are heard in personal a public opinion is never baseless.

Even a little amount of the wealth earned by injustice corrodes the king’s glory. Even a single seed of the bitter gourd (spoils) a large amount of jaggery.

Public is the soul of the ruler so the ruler should not destroy the subjects. Meat eaters bears also never eat their own flesh.

Therefore Oh king? Sastatiate subjects because the satisfied subjects only will satisfy you Even the controlled cow does not allow to milk her without fodder.

Maharaj! greed engendras all types of troubles greed kills all virtues so give up the greed your well wisher and my master persuades you thus.

As the heated earth by fire exhales heat even though receiving water the same way the king Nand as if desirous of burning him exhaled very hotly before him.

Since the messenger is considered unfit to be killed he showing the cause of head ache left and went to the inner part of his palace.

As the grass does not deserve watering the same day this ruler too does not deserve preaching thinking thus the messenger approached again his master.

The ruler Nand also out of unbearable diseases got distressed like an unholy individual.

Oh seeing the king crying because of the pain of a disease the people were pleased.

Nand was asif baked suffering a severe pain. This all was nor enough for the sinister like him.

I have honed the heap of gold underground to whom will they now belong ? Thinking thus he died in the state of dissatisfaction and wandered in the world suffering a lot ceaselessly.