Ushna Parishahe Arhannatuk Muni

There was a city named Tagara which was like a place of laxmi (a godders of wealth) There was a wealthy man named Datta who was a pleasing personality.

Enjoying nice sensual leasures with his wife named Bhadra became the father. His son’s name was Arahannak.

On hearing the sermon of Jainism from the priest (Acharya ) named Arhamitra Master Dutta felt detachment and adopted with his wife and son a Shiritual (Bhagawati) limitiaktion.

Datt, out offeaction towards son, used to nourish him by feeding tasty and nice food-items. He did not ever sensed him for alms so that he should not face any hardship.

Why does Dutt (Sadhu) nourish Arhannak Muni like money lender (master) ? Why does he not send him for alms ? Even though thinking in this way monks could not talk him anything because who can stop a father from nourishing his own son ?

Some day during the summmer Datta Sadhu expired. Arahannak was extremely distressed on the demise (separation) of Dutt.

After the demise of Dutt Sadhu other sadhus (monks) offered a food for two or three days by bringing alms for Arahannak who because of searakn was Aad.

After two or three days all monks (Sadhu) said to him (Arahannak),”Oh Arahannak ? now you do yourself for alms. At resent no Sadhu (monk) like father would offer you any food bringing alms for yours (serbe).

On hearing the words of Munis, which were unbearable like a boil on the burning art of the body, Arahannak Muni set off for food like other Monks.

Because lack of ractice in the labour work Arahannak Muni having a tender body got dejected.

His both feet were heated badly on the dast which was too lot because of extremely pangebt rays of the sum of the summer and because of the Same he had a burning head ache.

Becaurse of tortune caused be sun stroke Arahannk Muni wag kgging behind other Monks. His throat was dried up because of thirst and he took shelte for rest under the Ahadow of Some rich man’s mansion.

A land lady whose husband was out doors saw Arahannak Muni, handsome like capid (mudam), Ditting under the shadow.

On Seeing him She thinks (in her mind) on how handsome he is simply ? looking towards him my mind is attracted.

He is very handsome so I may Satisfy my desire your through love thinking the she sent for him through her maix scrhant.

On resonsding to cal Muni entered both her home and (her) heart also. At this time She with
pleasure and romance came closer to him.

she with a sweet smile on her lips asked him “Oh” and craser of all monks and ment what
beyond want or expect ?

When Arahannak Muni replied ‘, Oh lacky lady ? I want food.”” so being possessed with last that land lady began to think.

Let me possess (attract) him through tasty and Sweet because the sweet and tasty food is the
best key to attract all.

Thinking this way the mistress gave tasty sweet balls (Modaks) to Arajannak MUni (Monk) Arajannak Muni, Who was too much Eired wandering for alms was damn pleased on receiving modaks (sweet balls).

On seeing that Muni (Monk) affectionately She again asked him ‘,Why did you decide to observe this strict penance – practice in your blooming youth ?

Arahannak Muni replied ‘, I got initiated for the Sake of bliss’. Then again with sweet tongue she said.

If you wish to experience happiness, enjoy if with me through various sensual pleasures and attain the reward of imitiation which has been observed for long period.

This paingulf imitiation is merely meant for the deformed wretched old and invalid person. Therefore discontinue this Dixa- imitiation or discontinue to observe this enance practice Donot deceive your own soul unnessavily.

If you accept me, consider my this home, my this wealth all suvants as your only.

Let, this form & body of both of us, full of beauty today became successful by the mutual association by mutual company.

Let our beautiful structures be today meaningful by our mutual meeting with (intercourse) love.

If you are quite keen on imitiation you may retake in your old age affor enjoying arbitrarily all the sex – worldly pleasures with me.

On hearing words of land lord’s wife Muni mind got allured before her temptations, because who is not deviated by sexty lovely ladies ?

Then beliening in her words Arahannak Muni stayed at her home and enjoyed Sexual pleasures with that lady who was extremely sexy – lost in last.

There after living in words of the words of the wife of merchant Arahannaka Muni stayed in the
home and played with her.

When Arhannak Muni was not the anywhere in the way of alms & in the sthanaka staying of (Monks) all munis stated him in the why. When Arahannak was not found on the way or in the place all monks began it search in the city.

Even after searching in whole city when they got no message of him, they all Munis told his story to his and her Arya Sadhi. Evenafter searching him in the whole city they could not get any track of him. Then they all monks met his mother and told her all the tasts.

Hearing that stary the mother of Arahannak Muni me very sad by the abschece of son the mind
was disturbed of she became as if she was possassed by sprits. Hearing that story Arajannak Muni ‘s mother got dejexted. Her mind was utterl disturbed because of her son”s separation she was as if ossesss with spirits .

Then surrounded with servants Arahannak’s mother with loud and lofty voice wept and removed in the whole of city.

“Has anybody seen any dear son ? ” asking thus she stambling on the way and dripping the path with her tears out of attach mear, was wandering here and there in the town. Kind people saw her sympathetically. the mean (wicked) were mocking other. Arahannaka muni sitting some day in high backony saw his mother in such a plight.

Arahannak Muni recognised his mother on seeubg her distressed he last all worldly attach ment and he began to think in that way.

Oh what a great food and sinister I am ! that mistled by this lady I rejected ascetioson which is the key to salbation.

I as a wretched son put my mother into unbearable adversities.Oh I threw up my soul also to the ocean so sansar – maya (world uness) by breaching the bow 0of celil acy.

Therefore I remove my mother’s plight right now. Thinking thus he immediately came our from the place of that land lady.

Oh Mother, this Arahannak blemishing the clan, bends before you (with love and respect) saying thus he tilling his eyes with tears, bowed to her.

On seeing her son Arahannak she freed from worry. She was extremely pleased and she asked “Oh son ! where you for so mamy long days ?”

Then Arahannak told her everything on hearing that mother asked her son to retake imitiation.

On my blessed son ! do not accept (choose) the untold hell pains for the sake of trivial pleasures.

Arahannak said ” Oh mother, I you sinister son am nor able at all to observe the big hence so If you allow me I may absence fasting up to death.

Being pleased by his words she said “, Oh son, for present fasting si be fiting for your butbreach of vigilence is not desirable as it is the cause for wandering endles into ronces (births) incarnations.)

If is far better to jampin to fire incompanison to breach of the now. It is also better to die forming good deeds. then to live committing fauls in character.