Father: Ramesh, do you like your friends?

Ramesh: Daddy everybody likes their friends.

Father: Why?

Ramesh: Because, all friends love each other. If my friends know that I need help, they will help me. Daddy would you tell me how I can make more friends?

Father: Son, you like those who help you and love you. Similarly other kids are looking for help and love. When you meet kids in your school or in the neighborhood, you should be nice to them. You should help them. Then, they will become your friends. It is not always necessary that you have to help someone so they will be your friend. Even if you praise the good work that they have done, you can also make new friends. You should not badmouth anyone, and you should not be jealous of anyone. You should always wish goodness for everyone.

If you see a kid in your neighborhood who is sad or depressed, you should comfort him and offer him your help. If your classmate is doing bad in school, you should help him bring his grades up. These are some things that will help you make more friends. But you have to be careful when you make friends.

Ramesh: Daddy, what should I be careful about?

Father: You should be careful about selecting your friends. For example, you do not want to have a friendship with people who use drugs, who are bullies, or who are arrogant. We should not hate these people, but we should not be friends with them either. We should stay away from people who have bad habits.

Ramesh: Can you tell me what a good friend is?

Father: A good friend helps his friends in need. He loves and admires his friends. He appreciates the good work done by his friends, and whenever he gets a chance he praises it. A good friend keeps his friends away from bad activities. He only supports things which are beneficial to others. A good friend does not keep secrets from other friends. A good friend forgives others for their mistakes. He wishes good for everybody. So make sure that you are such a friend and stay in the company of good friends.

Ramesh: Yes, father. I will try to be a good friend to everyone. 


1) What does friendship mean?

2) What are some different things that you can do to make a friends?

3) What kind of friends do you not want to have?

4) What are the qualities of a good friend?