Going to Pathshala

Ami: Shila, most of the other Jain centers have religious classes once a week, but your center has it twice a week and you never miss it. Do you really like learning? Or do you just go for the fun and food!

Shila: I don’t care about the food. I really like the religious classes.

Ami: What’s so great about it?

Shila: Everything. It tells me how to be a better person. I learn how to gain true happiness.

Ami: What do they teach you there?

Shila: Quite a lot! They teach us how to share things with others, how to be kind to others, how to respect your parents and teachers more, how to control your temper, how to stay happy and content, and many more things that help you with your life.

Ami: You don’t have to ruin your whole weekend to learn all of that! They teach that stuff in school.

Shila: They teach grammar, math, science, history, and social studies in school. They don’t have time to teach us the morals that we learn in our Jain classes.

Ami: I think you are right. They must be teaching you good lessons there. Because the other day when Manisha blamed you for something you did not do, you didn’t get mad at her. You didn’t even tell your mom about it. When I told Manisha’s mom about that, she blamed Manisha and was

really proud of you. I bet you learned how to control your temper in Jain school!

Shila: You are right! Our Jain teachers are so wonderful, you should come there and see for yourself.

Ami: I shall go home and ask my mom right now. Oh, wait a minute! I forgot to ask you whether there were any rules that I should know?

Shila: There are some rules that we must follow. Many of them are the same rules we follow in school. But some others rules are used only in Jain Pathshalas. The general rules are:

Go to class every Sunday or whatever other day is fixed by the center.

Be at the Pathshala on time.

Wear clean and simple clothes.

Take your books to class.

Do not chew gum or eat candy in class.

Take off your shoes before entering the center.

Say “Jai-Jinendra” to the teachers and to other students.

Be nice to everyone in the class.

Do not quarrel or scream during class.

Be polite to everybody and do not use any bad language.

Do not show off in class.

Pay attention during class.

Keep your books in their proper place and do not throw them around.

Do not wear any leather products.

Do not wear silk material.

Participate in the discussion.

If the teachers give you homework, finish it before the next class.

Tell your friends to come to the Pathshala.

Ami: I can follow these rules easily. I’ll see you at the next Pathshala class.

Shila: I’ll be glad to see you there. “Jai Jinendra.”

Ami: “Jai Jinendra.”


1) How often are the Pathshala classes at your Jain center?

2) Do you go to the Pathshala?

3) Can you write about what you learned at your last class?

4) Would you tell your friends to come to the classes?

5) What are some things you can do at the Pathshala?

6) What are some things you can not do in class?