Jinvachanbhavnayam Drudhpahari

There was a Brahmin ruling in some city. He was a sinister and wicked he was keen to harass the public.

Then the protectors of the city drove him a way from the city then as a hawk falls into the lands
of a hunter went to the residential area of the thieves.

The thieves ! leader having known him cruel like a thief accepted him as a son.

When the thieves leader died this brahmin having long hands as a son occupied the leadership of thieves.

He gave cruelly blows and bears to all the beasts so people called him as Dridh Prahaari-hard handed.

Some day he went with plan dering thieves to rob the city named kushasthal.

In Kashasthal lived a brahmin named Devasharma who was unhappy becase of poverty once upon a time his children asked his father like a fruit less tree foramilky item.

He wandered all village and collected rice and milk and then prepared kheer.

Devasharma went out for bath on the river side. Meanwhile those cruel thieves went to his place because the fate is fatal for the feeble.

One of them found kheer and like hungry ghosts taking it fled and disappeared.

When the robber was robbing kheer children began to cry out and approaching their father they complained to him.

As the wind carries away a soot from the eyes those thieves carried away our kheer then our mouths became open.

Brahmin having heard the words of his children got extremely angry and with weapons ram after them.

He hit with a weapon the thieves like beasts.

The band leader on seeing the thieves beaten by that brahmin rushed towards him with contempt.

As if the destiny decided to present him when he was rushing a cow came as a hindrance to his speed, between the two.

That wicked leader of the thieves ! band with a single stroke of the pointed sword killed that cow mercilessly.

Then the band leader a head of the brahmin rushing towards him with a sword and it fell down
on the ground like a guava. He thus killed even that brahmin.

The brahmin’s pragnant wife came to the band leader and balmed saying “Oh wicked ! what did you do ?’

As a wolf bears down a belly of goat the same way that band leader tore down her belly into two pieces.

Then the band leader saw an embry covered with a skim and trembling like a leaf of the branch.

The band leader on seeing an embrago trambling even after tearing a belly of the widow got dejected and took mercy.

Then crying Oh father ! Oh mather ! brahmin’s sons came there.

Dradhprahari the band leader on seeing the naked curved, thin, weak and black dirty the sons
of the brahmin repented and began to ponder.

Oh I cruelly and mercilessly killed the poor couple including an embryo Now like fish without water can they live ?

Because of this cruel and sinful deed certainly I have to go to the hell. I am afraid of the sin committed by me What can be the remedy for it ? Who will save me ?

Thus thinking he got detached. Mean while he saw a monk in the park of the city. Like a physician that monk used to remove the painful sins.

Dradh Prahari bowing to the monk said, “Maharaj ! I am such a notorious and nasty sinister as affecting one who talks to me. A person is also besmeared with mud if he touches a man  besmeared with mud.

Even a single sin out of many sins like a brahmin murder, woman murder, embryo killing and
a cow slaughter leads to the hell. I have mercilessly committed all the sins.

Saints only like you can protect me. As the clouds rain – everywhere without considering the good or bad places the saintly persons too protect all without considering the difference between good and bad.

Then the monk preached him asceticism. As one takes an umbrella for protection from the sun strike he accepted asceticism.

He took two vows – I shall not eat whenever I remember this sin and have to lerence.

That wise Dradh prahari for the deed destroction and repentance went to his native place – Kushasthal.

“Oh ! this is the same man who killed a brahmin couple fraud fully, he is a nasty sinister,’ commented people and hated him.

“He is the same killer of a brahmin couple,’ c cow and a baay.’ Dridhprahari was barred from home entrance and stones were thrown at him like a dog.

Everyday people used to make him remember his sins. Then also he faced them with peaceful mind and dropped to have his meal, because nothing is impossible for a brave man.

Dradh prahari could not take meals any day because people made him remember his sins some in morning, some during noon and some at evening.

People used to throw mud balls, hit him sticks and fist blow’s. Dradh prahari suffered all the acts peacefully and began to think in his mind.

Oh Soul ! this is the fruit of your own deeds because as you sow the deed you get the fruit.

These peoples are beating me with mud balls, sticks, etc. due to this incidentally I could repent of my sinful deeds.

People were happy by hitting me with mud balls etc and speaking bad about me and doing my contempt. The same way by hearing peacefully peoples contempt and cruel wards without facing them I could repent and destruct my bad deeds, that way I am also feeling happy.

Toding doing my contempt, then also people are feeling happy ! let them experience it ! because happiness is very rarely experienced by the people leading a worldly life.

My knot of immoral behaviour is diagonised by these people with bitter words. Thus they are my best friends.

Oh ! These people are hitting me ! let them hit ! owing to the heat of the fire gold. destructs its dirt, the same way by suffering people beating peacefully I am able to destruct my dirt.

Owing to my bad deeds I would have experienced down fall but by peoples beating they are pulling me from down fall and pushing their souls to downfall, So how can I get angry with them ?

Who can be my best brother other than the people who by their fruits of righteousness are destructing my sins ?

These people are hitting me, tying me so my deeds of previous life are destructed I am happy because their deeds will relieve me of my worldly life but these same deeds will be the reason of these people infinite lives so I am feeling very sad.

To delight others many people in this world devote their wealth and physique but these are delighted by hitting me with stones and abuses.

These people gave me many bitter words, criticising me contempt and harassed me by hitting stones but like true brothers did not deprive of spiritual heritage.

The man wishing welfare must suffer (bear) bitter words, contempt, restriction, death etc everything because there are many obstackles in the path of progress.

Thus meditating in his mind and criticising his own misdeeds he, as fire turns the heap of grass into ashes, turned into ashes his own deeds.

Then he (Dradh Prahari) acquired fourteenth Gunsthanak named Ayogikevali and realising a rarely eternal absolute knowledge an acquired salvation.

As Dradh Prahari with the power of his spiritual practice could avoid hell and gained selfrealization. Other people also should doubtlessly try to gain spiritual knowledge.