The Power of Namokar Mantra

There was a man who used to never go to the temple. One day, his neighbour by force, took him to the temple. When they reached the temple, the Namokar Mantra was being recited. He listened to it till he knew it by heart. He returned home reciting Namokar Mantra. Throughout the day he recited Namokar Mantra. At night when he went to sleep, he was reciting the Namokar Mantra loudly in his sleep. The same night, some thieves entered his house. Hearing his recital, the thieves, thought that the owner was awake. They did not commit any theft and went out of the house. So, the ones who recite the Nomokar Mantra everyday, get so much peace. Therefore, very human being should recite the Namokar Mantra everyday.