Jain Alphabet Pictures with Write up

Q is for Queen Trishala

Queen Trishala had fourteen (sixteen) dreams after

Lord Mahavir’s* soul entered her womb.

Queen Trishala had fourteen dreams when she was pregnant. (Some scriptures mention Queen Trishla had sixteen dreams.) All the dreams symbolized good qualities of her child. Queen Trishala was very happy to have such a wonderful child. That child was Lord mahavira*. He showed us the path to freedom from the cycle of birth and death.

The fourteen dreams were:

  1. a lion,
  2. an elephant,
  3. a bull,
  4. goddess Laksmi,
  5. a pair of garlands,
  6. the Moon,
  7. the Sum,
  8. a flag,
  9. a silver jug,
  10. a lake with lotuses,
  11. the milky ocean,
  12. a divine aerial car,
  13. a heap of jewels and
  14. a smokeless fire.

(15th a pair of Fish and 16th a lofty throne.)

Queen Trishala was a very good woman.

* look under M