Summary of Homage to the Samaysar

Oh Lord Mahaveer, in order to check the spiritual demise of the worldly beings, following attachments and aversions, you have set going the stream of your divine voice, which gives them true life and which explains to them the fundamentals. You have done this with feelings of compassion on such beings. Seeing that river of the divine message dried up, the spiritual monk Kundkundacharya preserved that nectar in the pot of the great scripture, ‘Samaysar’.

Kundkundacharya wrote Samaysar and Amritchandracharya adorned it with his commentary and accompanying verses. Oh great Samaysar, the mysteries of all this universe have been unravelled in your exposition.

Oh Lord Kundkund, your voice, as incorporated in Samaysar, is full of the peace and tranquillity of the soul, which you distributed to the liberation minded beings very liberally. Just as nectar removes the effects of unconsciousness due to consumption of poison, the eternal delusion due to the poison of false belief is shattered to pieces with the nectar of your divine exhortation. Consequently, the delusions of the soul are washed off and it engages itself in self-realisation.

Oh Samaysar, you describe the elements of this universe from their intrinsic aspect. As such you discard all divisions and distinguish between the spiritual conscious nature and karma-actuated sinful inclinations. You are a real companion of the travellers on the path of liberation. You are the sun of this universe and the real message of Lord Mahaveer. Being the cause of solace to the unhappy and suffering mass of human and other living creatures of this worldly existence, you are yourself the path to liberation.

Oh Samaysar, after hearing your message, the shackles of bondage are slackened. To know you is to know the heart of a sentient being. Desire to read and follow you, kills the leanings towards sensual joys and other undesirable activities of this worldly life. One who enjoys your blessings, achieve s the all pervasive omniscience. To sum up, the all knowing soul enters the depths of our experience and shines brilliantly.

The writings of Kundkund cannot be honoured, even if we prepare leaves of gold and write his preachings over them with the words of gems.

Dr. H.C. Bharill