Kshudhaparishahe Hastimitra

There was a city named Ujjayini located in the country – Bharat which was superior to even heaven. Some verywealthy trader master named Hastimitra was living in this city.

Hastamitra’s wife named Daxacadhi who was like a treasure of fortune and dearer than his life, died young and immatured.

Once thinking “This world is pith less” he got detached so with his son Hastibhooti he accepted ascetism through some monk.

Once both father and son started wandering with saints from Ujjayini. Proceeding to Bhojkat they reached a vast forest.

In the dense forces a pointed throun penetrated in to Hastimitra’s foot, so he could not walk any further.

After a while having been doubtful for life Hastimitra muni said to the saints under his resort.

You all go a head cross the forest as soon as possible. I am unable to walk any further so I shall do fasting only here.

On hearing such words uttered by Hastimitra monks said, “Oh Hastimitra ! do not be distressed, we shall place you on our backs and go together.”

Lords Jineshwars controlling the passing of attachment and jealously have considered Vaiyavachh i.e. selfless service the best religious deed But the opportunity to serve the sick is not easy to obtain without the collection of the past charitable deeds.

We shall treat you quite willingly as you are afflicted with a severe pain. ON hearing the munis words Hastimitra full of virtnes said to them.

You are right but now my death is approaching so do not take pains in vain by lifting me up.

More over in this forest cruel beasts are found wandering here and there. Many hardles are here. There for it is not safe or advisable to live long here in the forest with a group-gahha.

On saying thus Hastimitra observed fasting and asked for apology to all the monks and immediately sent off persistently all with the team.

Then those monks, even though knowing Hastimitra’s son’s desire to live only there, took him together, but Hastimitra stayed alone in the cave of a mountain.

Hastimitra’s son went far with the monks. Some day he having cheated them came back to his father because love is a self proven means of attraction which does not require the resort to any chant.

On his son’s return Hastimitra said to him, “Dear son ! is not befitting for you to have come to me deserting all the monks.”

In this forest nobody is to offer food or water which may suit you, so you too will die there afflicted with hunger and thirst.

On hearing the father’s words the son said, “Father ! what may come in your presence only, but I will not leave you hare along in such a plight.”

Then Hastimitra muni on the very day afflicted iwth pain chanted Panch Parmeshthi Namaskar – the great Mantra and expired an was reincarnated as a god in the heaven.

Even after his father’s death he did not accept that, he believed him to be alive. Here the god through Avadhi Knowledge knew his past birth.

That god formed Hastimitra saw his own body and son there only. To show mercy upon him he reentered his body and spoke.

Dear son ! go for alms. The son asked where he should go for it. The god replied and advised to go to the tree a banyan tree.

The people on the trees will provide you with food and water. His candid son believing the words went under the tree.

Then he uttered loudly “Dharma Labha” and stood under the tree. Then a hand beatified with ornaments emerged out from the tree and gave him alms-food.

Thus Hastimitra was daily supplying him food and affectionately everyday after his lunch was talking with him.

After some period in Bhojkat country there was a very diresome famine so it became very difficult for the monks to get foot etc.

Because of the famine in Bhojkat country it became very hard for the hermits to have food. Then the next year these hermits by the way seen before, set out for Malva state.

The hermits proceeding to Malva state approached the same forest. On seeing Kshullak there
they asked him, where do you live ? How do you manage for food ?

Kshullak said,”I always live with my father I got food from the land stretched before me through
the tree.’

How does an old monk-Hastimitra live up till now ? All the monks went to see him. they found
his dried up thin body.

Then all the monks thought that Hastimitra muni has certainly died and reincarnated as a god.
because of attachment with his son he has been protecting him with food and water.

In this regard some monks said that boy had not faced hunger pangs but the old monk Hastimitra having fortitude more than even a mountain tolerated the pangs of hunger.

Some hermits said that son too has faced the hunger pain because he did not desire for food or fruit consuming even under availability of the food suited to him.

Hastibhooti Acharya seeing thus a young monk getting food from a god observed Alochana and Pratikraman i.e,worship and walked further with monks.

Thus these two monks toleraed terrible pangs of hunger. The pious and dynamic people too
should bear the panges of hunger.