MOTHER: I knew you would be hungry after the ball game, so I made some cookies especially for you.

SUKETU: Cookies! I want to eat them all.

MOTHER: Suketu, haven’t you forgotten to say something?

SUKETU: Me forget something? I thought you forgot something. Why didn’t you give me some milk with the cookies.

MOTHER: You forgot to say thank you for the cookies. I was in the kitchen all afternoon baking them.

SUKETU: Hey! That’s your job mom. Moms are suppose to take care of their kids. Why do I need to say thank you? Can you get me some milk? I am thirsty, real thirsty mom.

MOTHER: Suketu, I don’t have to do anything for you. I do things for you, because I love you.

SUKETU: I am your child, so you have to do things for me.

MOTHER: I never thought I would have a child that was so unthankful.

SUKETU: You want thanks, then listen. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much.

MOTHER: You don’t deserve any cookies, you don’t deserve anything. Go directly to bed.

( Suketu exits slowly)

MOTHER: Suketu needs to learn a lesson on thankfulness. I just want him to be a good Jain boy.

SUKETU: Rats, here I am stuck in my room with nothing to do.

(Swati calls from outside)

SWATI: Hey, Suketu! What are you doing up there?

(Suketu goes to the window)

SUKETU: I got in trouble, because my mom thinks I am not thankful enough. Can you believe that, just because I told her it was her responsibility to make me cookies.

SWATI: You know Suketu, your mom worked awfully hard to make those cookies. She even canceled a few of her afternoon plans.

SUKETU: You mean she gave up spending time with her friends to make cookies for me!

SWATI: That’s right!

SUKETU: Oh no! I yelled at her when she told me I should be thankful. I need to go and apologize right now! (he runs out of the room and goes to his mom)

SUKETU: I am so sorry, mom. Thank you so much for making the cookies. I was being selfish. You really are the best mom in the whole world!

MOTHER: It is all right Suketu. I am glad you have learned your lesson.

(Both hug each other)