Result of Worship

When Satyavati was fourteen years, she thought of going to a temple. When she reached the temple, the door of the temple was locked. So she went to the temple gardener who had the keys. Satyavati told him,”Oh uncle, I want to have a darshan of Lord Adinath. “He brought two keys and told her, “One key will open the outer door but it is very difficult to open the inner door”. Satyavati told him not to worry and went towards the temple. She opened the first door easily but when she tried to open the inner door, she did not succeed. She tried again and again but she could not open the door.

At last she closed her eyes and prayed to God, “Oh my lord you are very powerful why don’t you open the door by your power”. Then she sat in meditation. After some time, she heard a voice, “Satyavati open your eyes and see the door”. When she opened her eyes, she saw that door had opened. She became very happy and went before the Lord Adinath. Really there is much power in worship of God if it is done by heart.