Jain Temple

  • a. This is a Jain temple. It is a very beautiful and peaceful place. We come here to worship.
  • b. Before entering the temple, we must take off our shoes.
  • c. We do not eat, drink or chew gum in the temple.
  • d. When we enter the temple we say “Nishihi” three times.
  • e. This is the Statue of Lord Mahavira (Jina). We pray to him quietly.
  • f. We sit down quietly and recite the Navkar Mantra.
  • g. We do not shout or run in the temple.
  • h. We put money in the donation box.
  • i. While leaving the temple, we do not turn our backs towards Mahavira’s statue (because it is disrespectful). Instead, we walk backwards or walk near the side of the room.


1) What kind of place is a Jain temple?

2) What do we do before entering the temple?

3) What should we say while entering the Temple?

4) Whose statue do we find in the temple?

5) What do we do in the temple?

6) How do we behave in the temple?

7) What do we recite in temple?

8) What should we not do while leaving the temple?