Santoshopari Abhaykumar

Once upon a time some wood cutter got detached of worldliness and got initiated in Jainism
through Ganadhar Deva Sudharmaswami.

When ever that initiated Monk wandered in the city the people showed contempt towards him keeping his past life before their eyes. At every stage and step they mocked at him and criticised too.

He expressed himself before shree Sudharma Swami, “I can not to lerate in this city the contempt and criticism, therefore I shall go else where.”

Sudharma Swami asked the reason his wondering else where. Abhaykumar asked the reason for it and Sudharma Swami told him the reason.

Abhaykumar- the son of Shrenik the emperor requested Sudharma Swami, “Kindly wait a day and then do as you like.”

Then Abhaykumar with drew three crores of gems from the treasury and proclaimed with drum beating, “Oh people I am going to donate three crores of gems.”

After proclamation people went there at that time Abhaykumar addressing them made a condition that one who has never touched water, fire and a woman may only take these gems.

Abhaykuamr said thus to the people when they argued, “Maharaj ! is it possible for the average people to keep off water, woman and fire ?

If non of you avoid fire, water and a woman, this woodcutter – the great Monk may take it since he has left all the three things.

“Only a monk who had avoided water, fire and a woman deserves such a donation. We made unnecessarily his contempt the people agreed before Abhaykumar.

Right now discontinue to hate and comment or mock at the monk, On hearing such words from Abhaykumar all went a way.

Thus intelligent, obedient to the parents and detached ot worldliness and attached to saint lives Abhaykumar ruled his father’s reign.

Abhaykumar himself was actively faithful to the religion and led the subjects also to the religion because the people’s acts and activities are subject to the ruler’s will just like the movements of the little are according to their shepherd’s instructions.

The ruler was all the while alert on the point of public protection. He was also aware of the observation of twelve types of devotee’s vows.

Abhaykumar achiever of both this world and the heaven defeated opponent enemies as well as internal invincible enemies like lust, anger etc.

Some day Monarch Shrenik said to Abhaykumar, “Dear son ! now rule the reign and let me enjoy the bliss of Lord Mahavir’s worship.

Abhaykumar having been frightened with worldliness and the breach of father’s order said to his father, “Maharaj ! your behest is proper but wait.”

Here Lord Mahavir having got the king Udayan initiated came from Marudesh.

Then Abhaykumar bowed and asked Lord Mahavir, “Lord ! who is the last King rishi ?” Lord Mahavir replied “The King Udayan is the last Rejarishi.”

Abhaykumar said to the Rishi monk because Lord Mahavir has told one that the king Udayan is the last Rajarishi.

If I can not destroy the bonds of worldliness even though having a father like you and Lord like Mahavir who can be the mean man equal to me ?

What is the use of ruler ship which engenders pride and gives a very small amount of enjoyment ? The real happiness lies in the satisfaction – Maharishies observe thus.

When Abhaykumar did not agree to rule even though having been insisted the king Shrenik gladly permitted to be initiated.

Abhaykumar being contented renunciated the reign and got initiated before the lotus feet of Lord Mahavir.

Thus Abhaykumar being satisfied and so happy ultimately reached Devlok named Sarvarthasiddhi. Thus anyone else, if accepts satisfaction, realises the happiness of the heaven.