Suhasti Acharya wandering here and there came again to Ujjayini to bow to the statue of Jivant Swami.

Suhasti Acharya stayed at the city garden and sent two monks to the city in search of sheltar – Ujashray. Both of them came to Bhadra mistress place.

That Bhadra – mistress bowed to both of them and affered with regard her carriage to spend. Satisfied Suhasti stayed there with his groagr.

In the evening hours Suhasti Acharya began to sing a pious psalm.

Bhadra’s son named Avanti Sukumal was engrossed in malaing merniments with thirty two lovely ladies on the seventh story of the building.

Then eager to hear sermons he came downstairs and opproached the monks.

Thinking that he might have experienced it else where he remembered his flight in the past.

Avanti Sukumal got eager for the plane. He bowing to Guru Maharaj said, “I shall be initiated,
pleace do the needful very seen.”

Sahasti Acharya said that he was very tender. He then said, “Lord ! I am unable to observe penance for long.”

So I am eager to take inivation with a row of fasting. Then Suhasti Acharya said, “Then you ask permission for this purpose from your relatives.

He came home and respectivlly asked his fellow brothers but nobody permitted him. So he him self cat down his hair and hurdles.

Avanti Sukumal Extirpated his hair and got initiated himself. Then he came too the guide Guruji and wore the symbol’s of a saint Suhasti Guruji there fore baptised him.

Muni Avanti Sukumal having been unable to endure the troubles caused by fasting etc he asked permission from the guide-Guru and went to the cremation place.

That monk settled in a state of statue in a clayclad cave. A female fox with a purpose of licking his feet smelling out of bleeding, there with her young one. She and her young one were licking both of his feet separately.

With a meditation more for tified even than monk meru the monk considered her as his maid pressing his feet pleasingly.

That vixen cut up and ate up in the first part of night the foot with flesh and bones. Her young one too cut and ate the second one but did not mome at all.

In the latter part of the night she cut up and eta up the belly. Stomach entirely. In the last part
of night Muni expired and ride the plane Nalinigulma.

The deitics having bean impressed with his fortitude held a great celeoration. Here the wives of Avanti Sukumal having not found him anywhere enguired of the guide Gurugi.

Then Suhasti Acharya having known take whole of history told his wires. They told it to Bhadra Mistress. Then Bhadra mistress went to the forest.

In the morning Bhadra saw her son’s dead body drawn in to the south weat and began to weep with a lofty voice a long with her daughters in law.

Oh son ! Why did you leave me and Guruji behind even after getting inikated ? You did not dignify the home even for a day.

Oh desting ! When will that night fall on which I might see my son again and make my life happy ?

Thus dejected Bhadra with tears in lev eyes began to perform the crematory formality.

Avanti Sukumal’s wives performed widowhood taking down boughts etc from their bodies. Bhadra leaving one preghant daughter in law included all the rest into a colective initiation.

Avanti Sukumal’s son born to his pregnent wife got the temple of Mahadev erected where his father died.

The same temple named Mahakali’s and asset to the city Ujjain but now a days it is under
control of dissidents and opponents unfortunately.

Suhasti Swami too before his death shifted all his responsibilities of the Gatchh to his disciple who was like an reeam of knowledge. Through Prayopaveshan he expired and achieved the top most position in the hearenly abode.