Ejana Vibration
Ek one; without a second, unique (e.g. God is one); a (indefinite one); uniform; equal; of identical opinion; united;
Ek chakra paramount, supreme, absolute.
Ek chitta closely attentive; absorbed; of one mind. close attention; complete concentration
Ek desa partial
Ek Desh Shuddha Nishchaya Naya A view point believing in soul with partial purity, The partial point of view which perceives the partial purity in the soul and considers it to be compete purity, आंशिक शुद्ध पयार्य रूप पिरणिमत द्रव्य को पूणर् शुद्ध रूप देखनेवाला नय एक देश शुद्ध निश्चय नय है

soul having partial pure modification becomes the subject for this naya. When one is considering from the innate nature of the soul’s point of view, soul is the indivisible substance. It has infinite knowledge and happiness etc powers. Therefor it is considered to be enlightened, householder, monk etc depending up on the position it occupies.
A view point believing in soul with partial purity – Ek Desh Shuddh Nishchaya Naya-uses in the scriptures is as follow:
1: It makes the partial impurity in the mode as secondary and makes the partial purity as primary event. e.g if there is fire in a house, it is been said that
there is fire in that city. In some society certain person is smart or learned then whole society is been said to be same.
2: The soul which is been engrossed in pathway to absolute form of liberation is been said to be having nature of the omniscient lord. ( Brahad Dravya Sangrah Tikaa Gaathaa 56)
3: Samaysaar Gaathaa 75: A soul who does not become a doer of operations of karma and quasi karma (physical body and material possessions) but is only aware of them is enlightened (gnaani)
4: The one who has obtained discriminative science of the difference between self and alien things, has experienced the purity within. He is now not suffering from toxic emotion’s fire. He is engrossed in his true state of self. He is called the younger son of the Omniscient lord. I, Banarasidas, l bowdown to those who have destroyed his wrong belief and has obtained the pure nature of right faith. (Samaysaar Naatak Banaarasidaa stanza 6)
5: One who has realized his true nature of the self and destroyed his wrong belief, even for a moment, has destroyed his toxic emotions – kashay-, and his drinking the nectar of super sensuous bliss. ( Babu Jugal Kishor “Yugal” Dev Shastra Guru Pujan)

Ek Kshetravagaah Sambandh to be present in the same space points e.g. body and soul. (see also sambandh)
Ek panu unity, concord; oneness
Ek roop unified, indistinct, uniformity, invariableness, one form, stereotyped
Ek shreni varganaa single line variform
Ek swarup oneness, natural state of oneness.
Eka desh suddha nischaya naya A view point believing in partial pure soul
Eka kshetra vagaha single quarter immersion
Eka raatri pratimaa Mono-nocturnal meditation stage
Eka roopa Unified; Indistinct
Eka-desa Part; Partial
Eka-eka sangati One-to-one correspondence
Eka-ksetravagaha: Occupying the same locus, Homolocalisation; Single quarter immersion
Eka-phalaka: Probably identical to eka-sataka, Single-piece clothed; Untailored clothed
Eka-sataka: A mendicant who wears a single piece of cloth, Single-piece clothed; Untailored clothed
Eka-vidha One kind
Eka: One; unitary
Ekaagra chintaa nirodh to engage thoughts in one subject only.
Ekaagra chintanirodha Mental concentration on fixed object
Ekaagrataa Concentration
Ekaakaar of the same form; identical mixed; embracing all and sundry into one.
Ekaaki alone; helpless
Ekaakshar having only one letter. one letter; the mystic mantra (Om)
Ekaant pakshi one who has one sided belief, one who believes from one aspect only.
Ekaanta absolutistic prejudice, absolute, one attitude, solitary place, exclusive, one side, one directional infinity.
Ekaanta ksanikataa Absolute momentariness
Ekaanta mithyaadarsana One-sided wrong belief
Ekaanta mithyaatva one sided illusion; One sided wrong belief
Ekaanta vaada Monism; Extremism; Doctrine of absolutism; One-sided view; One sided method, absolutist doctrine.
Ekaantara Alternate fasting
Ekaantik adhering to one object, person or principle; (of principle) ultimate, absolute.
Ekaantik mithyatva one sided wrong belief
Ekaanupasyi Present observer
Ekaasana Eat only one meal a day; Single dieting/diet
Ekabhakta Single dieting
Ekal alone, sole
Ekala vihara Solitary wandering
Ekanta-nitya: Absolutely eternal
Ekanta: One-sided, Taking only one aspect of a many-sided thing e.g., man is mortal and immortal, regarded from the point of view of body and soul respectively, Taking only one view, Absolute; Absolutist doctrine; One sided method
Ekantavada: Extremism; absolutist doctrine
Ekantavadin: One who holds an absolutist doctrine
Ekartha-samavayin: Co-inherent in the same substratum
Ekatthi Six times squared two
Ekatva and mamatva Oneness and sense of ownership. This is me is ekatva and this is mine is mamatva
Ekatva and mamatva,oneness and sense of ownership This is me is ekatva. This is mine is mamatva.
Ekatva anupreksha: Loneliness, I am alone the doer ofmy actinos and the enjoyer of the fruits of them, Reflection on unitariness
Ekatva budhdhi Vivid determination of solitariness
Ekatva pratyaabhignaana It is recognition in which perceptual judgement and the recollection are synthesized. In this form of experience we recognize an object as the one, which has been experienced or seen in the past, and say it is the same.
Ekatva vada monism
Ekatva vitarka Mono-aspectal meditation; Pure meditation on one aspect
Ekatva vitarka vichaara Pure concentration on one aspect
Ekatva vitarka vichar pure concentration on one aspect
Ekatva: Unity, Unitariness; One by self; Born alone die alone enjoy and suffer alone; Loneliness; Solitariness; Singularity, Oneness; Uuniqueness; Aabsolute oneness, ek panaa, I ness, indivisibility
Ekatvajnana: Knowledge of oneness
Ekatvavada Monism
Ekendriya jaati One-sensed class
Ekendriya: A being with only one (namely, the tactile) sense faculty – that of touch; a synonym for sthavara beings, One-sensed creature
Eki bhaav being unified, unification
Ekibhaava Solitariness; Unionisation
Ekmev nishkarma, independent of karma, karma thi nirpexa pane.
Ekroop of the same shape or size; identical., unified, indistinct, stereotyped
Ekroopi of the same shape or size; identical.
Ekrooptaa parity
Ektaa unity, concord; oneness
Ektava pratyaabhignaana Unitary recognition
Elachaarya Deputy preceptor; Junior preceptor
Elaka/Ailaka A-clothed;    Little Single clothed; Highest stage of votary
Endurance sahishnutaa, tolerance
Ennui: dissatisfaction.
Eryaa samiti Carefulness
Esana anshan, paan, khaadya, and swaad rup four types of food is known as esana.
Esana-samiti: Care in accepting alms, Careful about taking alms: Carefulness in alms begging
Esanaa samiti Careful about taking alms: Carefulness in alms begging, To act cautiously while seeking to procure such means necessary for the conduct of the life journey as are free from defects – Esanaa Samiti, to accept the praashuk and prashashta food given by some one without any krut, kaarit and anumodanaa fault is esanaa samiti
Esanaa suddhi Sanctity in accepting alms
Ev only, ( swayam means by self and swayamev means by self only), Just so, exactly, truly really, very, same, only, alone, merely, immediately, on, still, already, in this manner only, (in relation to word sevaa it means-) exactly, in the same manner, indeed, truly, really, exactly, way of proceeding.
Eva: In fact; an important term in the formula of the sapta-bhangi-naya, Exclusively
Evakaar emphasis, affirmation, command, in this manner
Evam thus, in this way, in such a manner,
Evambhuta (Naya): The such-like, Actualistic standpoint; It is the point of view, which refers to the sabdanaya, and it refers to the functional use of the term
Evambhutabhasa: False such-like view point, Fallacial/Pseudo-actualistic standpoint.
Evanbhu naya the actual stand point, actual purport
Evanbhu naya The actual stand point; Actual purport