MANISH: The old bag looks like a frog. And she goes croak, croak.

BINA: Are you talking about Mrs. Thomas?

MANISH: Who else would I be talking about? The old frog drives me crazy. All she does is pick on me. She will not keep her nose out of my business.

BINA: That’s a terrible way to talk, Manish. You know Mrs. Thomas is a nice teacher.

MANISH: In a way, she’s nice. But, she would be a lot nicer if she would leave me alone.

BINA: Remember the time she stayed with you after school and helped you do your homework?

MANISH: So what?

BINA: Do you remember the time she let you have her lunch whenever you lost yours?


BINA: Do you remember the time she spent her money buying us special treats?

MANISH: Well……

BINA: Well, what?

MANISH: Oh, I forgot about all of those times. I really did!

BINA: Remember the time you yelled out in class, “Yabba, Dabba, do! I’m right here in front of you?” She never got mad at you.

MANISH: I guess I shouldn’t be so thankless.

BINA: You should never, never, talk about a grown up like that. That is what respect is all about, Manish.

MANISH: What is respect?

BINA: When you are nice to someone and treat them nicly… that is respect. You should respect your teachers, parents, relatives, older brothers and sisters, and policemen.

MANISH: I don’t like the policemen. They scare me to death.

BINA: They are doing their job protecting us from bad guys. You should respect them.

MANISH: That’s a new, big word for me. I haven’t been respectful to anyone that I know.

BINA: We learned in our Jain class that we should respect everyone. We get good karmas by doing so.

MANISH: How on the earth do I start?

BINA: You should start by paying respect to your parents. You should obey them everytime. Next, start paying respect to our school teachers and teachers at the Jain center. When you obey someone, you listen to them.

MANISH: How did you get so smart? You seem to know all about respect.

BINA: Well, I go to Sunday Pathshala and that is where they teach us these things. Maybe you need to come to Pathshala too.

MANISH: Well, you are right. I will listen to you and go to Pathshala with you.

BINA: I am older than you, so you better respect me too!