True Age

Once, a saint came to a house. A daughter-in-law came out to give alms to the saint. The saint asked her father-in-law’s, her husband’s, and her age. The daughter-in-law was very clever. She said,” my father-in-law is fifteen days old. My husband is five days old and I am not yet born” . The saint said,” Daughter, what are you saying that you are not born yet? You are so big. How can your father-in-law and husband be so young?” The daughter-in-law replied, “Dear saint, What do you call an age? Do you call taking birth an age? But I don’t think so. I think the age starts when the human being remembers God. Therefore, my father-in-law’s age is fifteen days today, because he remembered God for fifteen days. My husband’s age is five days, because he remembered God for five days. I have not even seen the temple gate, so I am not born yet”. The saint said, “Daughter you are very wise. This is true age.”