Jain Alphabet Pictures with Write up

J is for Jai-Jinendra

Jai-Jinendra means “Praise to the Jinas*.”

Just like we say, “Hi!!” or , “Hello!!” or, “Namaste”, when we meet others, we should also greet them by saying, “Jai-Jinendra”. This helps us in a lot of ways. We are honoring the virtuous**. It also tells others that you are Jain.

Every morning and before you go to bed, you should say, “Jai-Jinendra”, with respect to your parents, sisters, brothers, and grandparents. You should say, “Jai-Jinendra”, with respect to your guests. You should also say, “Jai-Jinendra”, to your teachers, other students at Jain Pathshala***, and other Jains who you may see at the Jain Center or any other place. When you talk on the telephone greet your friends with “Jai Jinendra”. In the picture, the boy is saying “Jai Jinendra” to his parents.

Remember always greet others by saying “Jai-Jinendra”.

* someone who does not have any anger, ego, deceit and greed

** those who have freed themselves from the cycle of birth and death

*** look under P