Pruthvichandra Gunasagar

There was a vast city named Ayodhya in Koshal country. There ruled a king named Harisinh
Padmavati was his favaurite wife.

Here god-Kusumayudh alighted from the plane Savbartha got inearnated through Padmavati.

On Maturity Padmavati during the auspicious moment bore a child effortlessly, King Harisinha
named his son Prithvichandra.

Then gradually having studied different streams of sciences that pious Prithvichandra appealing and appeasing young ladies’eyes grew young.

When Prithvichandra grew fully young king Harisino got celelbratedly him wedded to sixteen

Maternal Uncle’s daughter Lalitsundari was his most favourable senior most queen.

Prithvachandra was detached to sexual pleasures he was attracted atoll towards women, he
used to ponder thus constantly.

Oh! even though having been totally detached to sexual life why my parents threw me into the
sea of world liness ? These women never leave me a alone at all.

So I search a remedy and pursuading these women take initiation then I would realise the soul satisfaction.

Knowing about the tense desire of his son Prithvichandra for living a religious life he out of attachment, shed tears from his eyes and spoke this way.

Oh pious minded son-Prithvichandra we are now old and you are detached to power and pleasures.

Therefore you tell me soon thoughtfully what ever is necessary in this regard because at present you are capable to conduct loyal administration and still we are covetous of kingdom.

It is shameful among the subjects to continue to rule even after the prince has prepared himself to do so. This is our family tradition adopted by our forefathers to take initiation after the next generation has been found competent to handle the ruling.

Therefore you take the charge of ruling the country and do not turn your deaf ear to our proposal on hearing the father’s words he obeyed his behest.

Then Prithvichandra’s coronation was pompously celebrated by his father Harisinh our seeing which all the people were astonished and pleased also.

Then personable Prithvichandra like Indra a leader of gods was ruling. Mean while a master named sudhan came over there bowed and stood before him the king welcomed and asked him to tell him some what different.

Sudhan sheth also spoike, “There was a city named Hastipur in this Kurukshetra. there a very wealthy master named Ratnasanachaya was the chief of the city.

He had a wife named Sumangala. They had a son who was very virtuous handsome and talented when sumangala was pregnant she dreamt drinking the sea.

Their son was known as Guna Sagar, He gradually grew young day by day.

Bat by birth Gunasagar was detached to worldly pleasures women and wealth could never attract him.

There were eight wealthy masters in that city their eight daughters gradually reached their youth.

All the eight girls were attracted towards Ganasagar and considered him only their husband.

On Knowing their daughters decision to marry Gunasagar only their fathers arranged their (daughters’) marriages with Guna sagar the son of the wealthy master.

Some day sitting in a balcony Gunasager happened to see a saint rushing forward like a religion in eavnated he seemed to have controlled speech and pacified himself.

He guessed where he had seen him and suddenly he remembered his past birt and ascetism practised during it.

Then affected with keen desire for rununciation he said to his parents that he would not stay any longer than in the custody of the world.

Please allow me for initiation In reply parents said, “Dear son ! is it proper for you to take initiation in your young age ?’

Son! if you are quite keen to take initiation first of all many these girls and then do what ever you like.

Then prince Gunasagar abayed the prayer of parents and with great celebration he married all the girls.

After getting married with the ladies Gunsager waited in the wedding stage and at that time a strange incident place.

Gunasager setting his sight fixed on the point of his noise began to meditate and controlled his all organs thinking that he would renunciate and become a monk.

Thus I shall practise a penance show modesty towards seniors observe the rules and vigilence, remain alert and prepared to medidate and do various religious rites.

Thus in solitude during the meditation he remembered the practice in his past birth and became totally detached to worldliness Every moment he felt purification in his heart. His all misdeeds burnt to ashes and Gunasagar realised eternal and absolute knowledge.

Those newly weded women got releived from the heat of karm (deeds) in the wedding stage itself and acheived the spiritual bliss of eternal knowledge called kevalgynana.

Ratnasanchaya and sumangala on witnessing the supremacy of the eternal knowledge complemented frequently and doing so their deeds turned light their interest into continence was roused their deeds were destroyed and they realised salvation.

Oh King ! here I have told you a strange story on hearing this prithvichandra the king began to ponder seriously.

Ratnasanchaya and Sumangala was in deed the ocean of virtues because in a very short time he burnt up his all deeds totally and realised the eternal knowledge.

Inspite of having been alert and detached to wordly affairs how was I encaged into the cage of worldliness following the advice of my skilled parents ?

When shall I take holy initiation ? when shall I wander freely keeping no difference between a friend and a foe ?

Thus sentimental king prithvichandra within a moment destroyed all the deeds and realised the absolute eternal knowledge.

On hearing his life his all sixteen queens also got detached and realised eternal bliss.

Then Padmavati and Harisinh the queen and the king having heard the sermons from the monk destroyed all the deeds and realised salvation.

Then sudhan sheth asked Prithvichandra the monk oh Samyanidhi ? Lord Prithivichandra ! How and why do you seen similar-both of you and Gunasager like brother ? Then Prithvichandra the total knower told him that there he was Kusumayadha.

There was my brother named Kasumkesuasho was an ocean of the gems of virtues the same fellow has been reinearbnated as ganasagar making his name meaningful.

Every thing is here so the similarily is found between me and gunasagar on hearing the monks words sadhan sheth also shook his head.

Prithvichandra and his all other associates observed kaivaly a vigilance for lakhs of years and ultimately realised salvation.