Lord Mahaveera

Lord Mahaveera was the son of king Siddharatha who lived in Kundlpur City. His mother’s name was Trishala. When Mahaveera became eight years old, he took the oath that I will not hurt any creature, not tell a lie and not to steal. He was in celibacy. He believed non-possession.

One day Prince Mahaveera was sitting in the palace with his friends. Suddenly he heard a noise on road. He came to know that an elephant was hurting every body. After hearing this, Prince Mahaveera reached there and caught the elephant. One day Mahaveera was playing in the garden with his friends, at the same time a black and a big snake came there. All the boys feared except Mahaveera who took it outside.

He did not marry in his life and at the age of thirty he became Digamber saint. He remained in meditation for twelve years and got knowledge. From forty-two years to seventy-two years he preached the people. At the age of seventy-two he went in salvation from Panwapur.