True Study

This story is when the five Pandavas used to study in the ashram of Guru Dronacharya. One day Guru Dronacharya taught them to always tell the truth and never tell a lie and, said to remember this throughout their life. He also told them to memorize a certain lesson. The next day the Guru made them stand and turn by turn, memorizing the lesson. All the students memorized the lesson. When it was Yudhister’s turn he said, “Guru, I could not learn the lesson”. The Guru punished Yudhister and taught the others another lesson. For twenty days Yudhister said the same thing. On the twenty-first day, the Guru said angrily, “Oh Yudhister, you are a fool. Could you not learn the small lesson till now”. Yudhister said, “Guru, when you taught to always tell the truth and never tell a lie, I always tell the truth. But, I could not make my words fully true till now. How can I say that I have learnt lesson? Only repeating the line is not learning the lesson, but to follow it, is true study”. Then, Guru Dronacharya said, “Oh my son Yudhister, you are a very clever student”.