World Condition

Once, a businessman went to a foreign country by plane. He was hopeful, that he will become very rich after doing business and marry, have children etc. But, when the plane was over the sea, it started raining heavily. The plane fell down into sea. The businessman started to swim. After some time, the businessman reached the shore and became unconscious. When he opened his eyes, he saw a forest in front of him. He thought about what to do and where to go. Then he finally went to one side. Suddenly, he saw an elephant coming towards him, making a loud noise. He got very scared. Then he remembered God and asked God to save him. At the same time, God’s voice said,” Oh human being first time today you have remembered God. Therefore, you will be protected.” Hearing this, he went ahead twenty-five steps and saw a tree and, there were only two branches. Then, the elephant began to shake the tree with his trunk. The businessman became very scared. He looked down and saw a well. Inside that well, there were five snakes. He saw them and became wild and moved upwards. Then he saw two rats, one black, and a white one. They were cutting the very branch on which he was. Now he was very worried. The elephant shook the tree again. Unfortunately for him, there was beehive on the tree. The bees at once attacked him. The man cried for God’s help. Some Gods, come there with their plane, and told the man to come with them, to heaven. Suddenly, a drop of honey fell into his mouth. In the sweetness of honey, he forgot the bees, the white and black rats, the five big snakes, and the gods call. The gods told him to come again but the man said, “Let me have one more drop of honey”. The Gods told him again to come, but again the man said, “Please, let me take only one more drop”. At last the Gods caught his hand and told him to come with them quickly, other wise, when they went, the branches will be cut down and he would fall in the well and the snakes would eat him.

The man understood and started to go with the Gods. At the same time, one more drop of honey fell in his mouth and forgot the Gods’ call in its sweetness. He then said that he didn’t want to go with them. The Gods went away. The elephant shook the tree and the rats cut the branches. The man fell down in the well and was eaten by the snakes. So ladies and gentlemen do you understand who was the businessman. The human being. What was the plane? A body. The businessman went with great hopes. You also plan for your future. What was the storm? The age end. What was the falling of the plane? The death. After falling of the plane in the sea, the man was swimming in the water.

In the same way, when a man dies, his body is lost in the earth and the soul goes to another mother’s womb. The sea was the mother’s womb. What was coming at sea shore? Birth of child. What was the elephant? The death, as soon as the child is born, the death hangs on his head. What was the tree? The household life. The man found the tree after walking twenty-five steps. A human being gets the household life after attaining the age of twenty-five. What were those two branches? Birth and death. A man hangs between life and death. What were the five snakes in the well? Four lives or form and one nigod. Who were the black and white rats? Day and night. As the day and night pass, the man’s life finishes. He takes birth again in any form. Who were the bees? His family, mother, father, brother, sister, wife, and children. What was the honey? Worldly pleasure. Who were the Gods? Good company. Human being gets good company some times, but is engrossed in worldly pleasures and does not take advantage of good company. Engrossed in the worldly pleasures, he dies one day. This is the condition of the world.