Jainism, The Compassionate Religion

How do you feel when someone hurts you? Do you like it? Of course, you don’t.

Now, think about how others feel if we hurt them. Do they feel good? Naturally, they will feel bad.

Lord Mahavira said you should not say or do anything to others that you would not like to have done to you. Everybody in this world wants to be happy. No one likes to be hurt.

The message of Lord Mahavira is that we should love everybody and should not hurt anybody. We should try to help others and make them happy. To understand the pain and unhappiness that others are experiencing is compassion. The same is true about nonviolence (Ahimsa). Compassion is one of the main pillars of the Jain Religion, and that is why Jainism is sometimes called a compassionate religion.

Ahimsa has been given the most importance in Jainism. Lord Mahavira became Arihant by adopting supreme compassion in his life. His compassion seems to have reached climax during his encounter with the poisonous snake Chandkaushik. He was tortured by many and even then not only he forgave them but he felt compassionate towards them.

Compassionate people are rewarded by acquiring other virtues. Jainism is based on compassion to all the living beings. Jainism emphasizes observance of verbal and mental compassion also. We should be compassionate and friendly towards all and should have no enmity for any one.  


1) Do you like suffering?

2) What did Lord Mahavir teach us?

3) What is one of the main pillars of Jainism?

4) What did Lord Mahavira do when Chandkaushik bit him?

5) What resolution about compassion should we make today?