NIRAV: Hey, Rohit, What did you make on the spelling test?

ROHIT: I didn’t do too good, I made a fifty-two on the test. Next week I am going to study really, really hard, and I will do better.

NIRAV: You mean to tell me you made a fifty-two on that test? That’s a laugh, ha, ha, ha. That is an awful grade. Can’t you do any better than that on a spelling test?

ROHIT: I guess that is awful. I will study harder and shoot for a better grade next week.

NIRAV: That’s a real joke. A fifty-two is the most awful grade I have ever heard of.

ROHIT: What did you make Nirav?

NIRAV: Well, I thought you would never ask me. I made one hundred. You just can’t do any better than that. I made everybody mad at me. I made the best grade in the whole class. I didn’t even study for the dumb test.

ROHIT: What do you mean? You really didn’t?

NIRAV: I’m just smart. I might be a genius. I might get the title, The hundred Genius. I made a great grade, for a wonderful kid like me.

ROHIT: I thought the test was hard. I am really proud for you.

NIRAV: Well, Rohit, it might be hard for a dumb-dumb like you, but not for me. I could be sound asleep and pass the same test with a hundred.

ROHIT: Hey! You sure are very proud of yourself. Aren’t you?

NIRAV: Why shouldn’t I be? I am Nirav the Great that’s my name, and making 100’s is the name of the game.

ROHIT: Well, I must go and study. I can’t make a good grade unless I study. Boy, it sure would be nice to make a hundred.

NIRAV: Boy! it’s great. Look, the teacher is coming. I bet she is glad that she has such a smart boy in her class. I imagine she wants me to go on

television or something important.

TEACHER: Good afternoon, Nirav. I have been looking everywhere for you. Is that the spelling test in your hand?

NIRAV: Yes, it is. Do you want to frame it, or put it in the local newspaper? Either one will be fine with me.

TEACHER: That isn’t exactly why I am here. Nirav, we have a problem.

NIRAV: I don’t make mistakes, so I don’t have any problems. I am much too smart for that.

TEACHER: I made a bad mistake. I didn’t mean to, but I gave you the wrong paper, by mistake. Honestly. I gave you Ravi’s paper. I have yours in my hand.

NIRAV: You mean I didn’t make a hundred?

TEACHER: I hate to say this, but you didn’t make a hundred. Looking at the grade you made, I don’t think you studied at all. Did you study Nirav? You made a thirty-three on the test.

NIRAV: Are you absolutely sure I didn’t make a hundred. I told everyone in the whole class I made a hundred. I even told them what a great speller I am.

TEACHER: You need to stop being a show-off Nirav. No one likes to be around someone who is bragging and showing off all the time.

ROHIT: Boy, is she right.

NIRAV: A thirty-three?

TEACHER: That is right. No mistake about it.

NIRAV: I wish I had kept my mouth shut. I mean totally shut. All I know is now everyone will make fun of me.

TEACHER: That is too bad. I think I would study my vocabulary if I were you, and stop showing off to everyone.

NIRAV: I’m sure not as wonderful and smart as I thought I was. I always have to learn the hard way. Rohit, will you help me study for the next test? I think a fifty-two sounds pretty good next to a thirty-three. Don’t you think?

ROHIT: I sure do. Maybe both of us will learn something.

NIRAV: You know? I already have. Showing off never pays and that’s a big lesson to learn. How do you spell dog? d-u-g? Isn’t that right?

ROHIT: Oh, boy! We have a lot of work to do.