Shamintra Muni

In saket city chandravatamsak was a ruler. Municharadra the prince was ruling.

Some day munichandra having been detached took initiation through sagarchandra.

Then he with his group went else where when he went to the village for alms he parted from the team.

In forest four shepherds sons gave water to the thirsty monk and lad to the path and thus helped him.

The shephered’s sons received sermons from swami munichandra and having continence reached the haven.

The two wicket souls named chitra and sambhuti having been born as a slave, a deer an elephant and a meat eater wander here and there.

The two souls having been deviated from the heaven were reborn into well to do families in the city kshitipratishthi.

Master’s sons had the companions. They enjoyed worldly pleasures and ultimately accepted initiation.

They Observed fasting for a long time till their death and were revolumn in PADMAGULMA VIMAN OF SAUDHARM.

They having experienced various luxuries up to four stages of the age (palyopam) were reborn in the city Ishukar in the country kuru kshetra as a king Isukar and queen kamalvati, Bhrigu the priest and yasha is wife respectively.

Purohit had no issue so he remained sad and worshipped a god and also use to ask an astrologer about it.

Shephere’s sons knew through the spiritual know ledge about their rebirth in the family of Bhrigu purohit.

Then both them under the disguise of monks went to the purohit’s place purohit with his wife welcomed them and offered a seat. They sat on it.

They preached them sermons on hearing which they accepted jainism.

Bhrigu purohit with worry enquired them whether they would have any issue in future.

Taciturn monks replied skill fully that they would have two sons within few days.

Right from the childhood they will take initiation you will please not obstruct them they will preach many people.

Saying that the two deities disappeared on the very moment they having been deviated from the haven were reborn as sons in the family of Bhrigu purohit.

After some time Bhrigu purohit shifted to the next village where his wife born two sons in a

There parents persuaded them not to accept initiation at the early stage but like the determined they ultimately took their were.

His parents instructed them not to approach the monks as they were meat eaters. Then once upon a time both of them went out the city for playing.

Meanwhile the monks out of fatigue came over there on seeing them these two sons having been afraid of them fled away.

This two sons ran and climbed a banyan tree. During the middy time these monks came there
taking pure food and water.

After a while the monks took a lunch. The two sons of Bhrigu purohit sitting on the branch of the tree found only pure food and not a meat at all.

Then they began to guess logically perhaps our parents might have seen them with and un pure look so meat in place of pure food could be seen imagining thus they remembered their past births.

Because of the remembrance of the past births the two sons of Bhrigupurohit having enquired knowledge came over to their parents they preached them and took initiation with them.

The queen preached the king the six friends in thus took initiation acquired exernal knowledge
and gradually realised salvation.

If you are keen to know the words of preaching in detail you should know from the fourteen the
chapter of Uttatradhyyayan. Here out of fear of over expression is not described in detail.