Nagdatta Sheth

In old days a master named Nagdutt of some city proudly spoke to the sculptor.

Get my building so coloured as it should not be even slightly dimmed for the seven generation.

Some muni from some where standing near him smiled just hearing his instruction.

Then Nagadutt came home for lunch and placed his son on his lap to take meals.

Immediately his son passed over urine into the dish for dinner. Nagadatt showing no reluctance began to eat keeping urine aside.

That wise muni came to his place for alms and saw his deep attachment.

On seeing that Muni again smiled. After taking meals alms he went away feeling sorry for his sense.

Then Nagdutt went to his shop and sat on the seat after opening the door.

On the very moment some goat freed from a butcher entered his shop for protection.

Then a butcher asked for his goat or payment in its place.

Then he handed over it to the butcher. Mean while the same one wandering came over there.

Muni having seen the master’s mercilessness again smiled. This time a doubt rose in his mind.

Then the master went to upashray before Muni and asked, “Please tell me why you smiled three times.”

Then the wise muni told him the secret clearing his doubt.

Mastger ! You instructed a sculptor to beautify your building lasting for seven gaps of generation, but your age period remains for only seven days.

A Man himself is of a very short age still he desires to get his building coloured and cared for long. On seeing it I smiled.

Oh Master ! you ate from the dish made dirty by your son’s urine. The same son in his last birth
was your wife’s lover.

How foolish you are drinking the drops of your wife lover’s urine ! without reluctance and with regard. It made me smile.

The goat you got out from your shop is your father of the past birth. Take it ia true.

You got out your father even who took your shelter. This also made me laugh.

Oh hearing this Master Nagdutt got astonished and immediate approached the slaughter house. He asked for his goat.

The butcher said, “Master ! that goat is now being croked on the furnace, he is not now alive.”

Then he having felt uselessness of the world got dejected. He therefore sought for shelter from the muni.

Then he accepted initiation for the sake of his soul. Attachment is not melted up till the preaching sermons arrive our ears.

In the same way even though knowing the temporal transiency people get attached and do not endeavor for the soul’s salvation, because it is very difficult to destory our attachment.

To remove the worldly mania one should heav religious scrifitures. as a result our insight opens for our betterment.