True Wood Cutter

There was a poor man named Mangal. In the day he would cut wood and in the evening he would go to the market with the wood. After selling the wood, with the money earned he could go to the grocery to purchase some things for his house. He was satisfied with his income. One day he went to the forest to cut wood and climbed a tree at the river bank. While he was cutting the branch, his axe fell into the river. Mangal came down from the tree and jumped into the river to find his axe, but he did not find his axe. He was very sad and cried. He had no money to buy an other axe and it was difficult for him to feed his family without any money.

The Goddess of the forest took pity on him and went towards him and said,”Why are you crying my son?” Mangal said, “My axe fell into the water and how shall I do my work now?” The Goddess said, “Do not weep, I will bring your axe from the river”. So the Goddess jumped into the river and came out with a gold axe. She asked Mangal is this your axe? Mangal said,” No this is not my axe. I am a poor man so how I can have gold axe?” The Goddess again jumped into the river and came out with a silver axe and asked him,” Is this your axe?” But Mangal replied, “No this is not my axe.” The Goddess jumped into the river for third time and came out with an iron axe. Now Mangal was very happy because it was his very own axe. The Goddess also became happy with Mangal truthfulness. The Goddess said,” I am very happy with your honesty and because of that you can take the gold and the silver axe too. Now Mangal was not poor but rich.