Kurgadu Muni

Once upon atime there was a Kshapak sadhu (monk) performing a penance. someday he went with the monk Kshull por alms.

While passing path Kshapak crushed a frog with a foot then Kshullak said to him frog is killed
by you’ but he didn’t believe it.

But that Kashpak muni didn’t repent of what had been done, so Kshullak muni advised him to repent.

On hearing Kshapaks words he got angry and decided to kill him. on seeing him rushing Kshullak muni also speedily ran away.

He was so angry that having dahsed will a pillarhis head burst down. So he was reborn as are
sight poison snake in the family where the religious rites and rituals are ignored.

They all knew reciprocally they all work eaters of prohibited food and were wanderers at night.

Here some king’s son was killed with a snake bite so the king got very angry and odered the people to kill the snakes.

Who so ever kills a snake and show me I would present him with a gold coin on hearing this the people began to kill the snakes out of greed.

Once upon a time some one walking on the way round the lines of the snake and he filled up its bill with medical materials.

Thinking that one should not be a victim the sight poison snake did not come out that man thus killed many snakes and brought before the king.

A snake god said to the king “Oh lord! you will have a son named Nagdutt so you make the snakes now free from fear.

Kshapal muni’s soul after death was reborn as son to the king’s queen named Nagdutt.

Once he was sitting in the balcony he had grown then quide young on seeing some monks on
the way he remembered his past birth.

Nagdutt having been very desirous of initiation into Jainism took a vow of never being angry with anybody.

There were Kshapak munis (monks) in a team of Acharyas (guides or gurus) who were observing fast for a month a couple months, three months or four mounths, rearepectively.

A godess came at night and a voided al the saints (sadhus) but bowed to only Kshullak muni who was very forgiving.

Some ascetic said to the goddess holding a hand “Oh with and rustic woman do you not know
the difference between good and bad.

Oh goddess ! we wonder you only salute to Khullak muni who takes a meals three times every
day and you avoid and ignore us.

Devi said “Oh ! muni maharaj ! bow to only areal religious monk and not only a man in dress and disguise of sadhu or monk’. speeking thus she went to her place.

In the morning when Kshull muni called other munis for break fast some monk spat into his

In did not give you food in time so it is my mistake or missed it may be forgotten michha in duk dam in spite of such words uttered by that monk all the rest monks spat into his dish.

Thus having beeing warned he without any malice expected the food and by power of patience
realised salvetion.

Then all the four monks repented and achieved the eternal knowledge and ultimately all the five monks realised salvation.