The Greedy King

There was a king named Medas in Greece. He was very greedy. He loved gold most then anything else in the world. One day when Medas was counting his gold coins, an Angel told Medas,” You are very rich”. Medas said,” I am not rich. I have very little gold”. The Angel said, “You are not satisfied with so much gold. How much more do you want?” The king said,”I want a boon such that whatever thing I touch, it should become gold. The Angel said,”Ok, from tomorrow morning whatever you touch will become gold”.

The next morning, when he touched a table and a chair, it became gold. He was very happy. When he was very hungry and thirsty, the servant brought food and water for him, and as soon as Medas touched food and the water it became gold. Medas started crying because he was very hungry. When his daughter saw him crying, she sat on his lap and, became a golden statue. Now he wept very bitterly.

The Angel appeared again. The king requested the Angel to take his boon back. He said, “I do not want gold. Man can live without gold but he cannot live without a piece of bread and a glass of water”. The Angle took some water in a bowl and said him to sprinkle it on everything that had turned gold. Medas sprinkled the water on his daughter, table, chair, food, and on his clothes. Everything became as they were before. So man should not be greedy of gold.