The Greedy Monkey

Once a monkey used to come to a man’s house every day and used to tease him very much. They were very unhappy due to the monkey. One day, the man thought to send this monkey outside. Therefore, he brought a clay pot and filled it with roasted grams.

The monkey came there and put both its hands inside the clay pot. When both his hands were full of grams, he could not take them out and began to cry out loudly, “the clay pot has caught my hands, somebody help me”. Then a man came there and told him, “oh monkey, the clay pot has not got your hands, your hands can come out”. So ladies and gentlemen do you understand that what is the clay pot? What is this gram, and who is the monkey? The clay pot is this world, the grams are this attachment of world and the monkey is the human being. You all are worldly creatures and have put on the sheet of attachment. You should reduce your attachment for the world and should be attached to your soul.