Jain Alphabet Pictures with Write up

G is for Gautamswami

Gautamswami was Lord Mahavir’s* first disciple.

Gautamswami was the most well-known Brahmin during the time of Lord Mahavira. He was also very arrogant. He thought that no one was smarter than him. He thought he knew everything. One day, he saw some angels coming into the town. He told everyone, “See how great I am. Even heavenly angels come to see me.” But the angels didnot come to him. Gautam was surprised and asked someone where they went. The town’s people said that the angels went to pay their respect to Lord Mahavira, who had come to town.

When Gautam came to Lord Mahavira and saw his nice personality, Gautam felt something different that he never felt before. Then, Lord Mahavira told him what was going through his mind. Gautam couldn’t take anymore. He knew that Mahavira was more powerful than he was. He lost his ego. Gautam bowed down to him and became his first student.

We owe a lot to Gautamswami. Even though he knew almost all the answers to all the questions in the world, he still asked Lord Mahavira questions so that other people could learn about them. They are a part of our Agams Sootras, the original books. If people like Gautamswami can give up their ego, so can we.

* look under M