SUKETU: Boy, was that prayer fast. I did not think he could do it. It only took our teacher four minutes and fifteen seconds for the prayer. He ought to be in the book of world records.

(Rita enters.)

RITA: What happened that is so special?

(Nirav enters.)

SUKETU: Oh, Nirav. Were you at the Jain Center this morning?

NIRAV: Didn’t you see me during the prayer?

SUKETU: I am not sure. My mind was on other things.

NIRAV: Didn’t you notice anything at the center today that was special?

RITA: Do you mean the prayer at the beginning of the class was special?

NIRAV: The new teacher said a beautiful prayer, and it made a lot of sense.

SUKETU: What did he say this morning?

NIRAV: Didn’t you listen to the words?

SUKETU: I was concentrating on different things and could not listen at the same time.

RITA: What were you doing during the prayer?

SUKETU: I was timing him. It only took him four minutes and fifteen seconds.

RITA: You time people at the center while they are praying or teaching?

SUKETU: I sure do. It is cool idea. I have a whole list of times for reciting prayers and lectures in my Sunday book. It tells me how long it takes to say different prayers and lectures.

RITA: You really missed a good prayer.

SUKETU: I was not saying the prayer, he was. And what good would it do to me?

NIRAV: The teacher was leading us in the prayer. It is important to listen and pay attention to what is being said in any prayer.

SUKETU: I thought we were just supposed to sit still and be quiet.

RITA: Well, yes. But you are also supposed to pray and listen.

NIRAV: One of my favorite things to do is listen to the prayer and understand the meaning.

SUKETU: I listen to the songs on MTV.

NIRAV: We do not spend much time during the week praying, so we should at least pay attention during the prayer time. We learn a lot from these prayers.

RITA: He is right. Listening to the prayers has helped me understand why different things happen around us, and how we can change them.

SUKETU: Maybe you are right, maybe that will change my attitude. I will leave my watch at home from now on. My new hobby will be listening to the prayers.