Caitanya: Consciousness
Caitya: Temple
Caityavasi: Temple-dweller
Cakravartin: Universal monarch
Caksuradijanita: Effected by eyes etc.
Caksurdarsana: Visual perception
Candala: Untouchable; a synonym for svapaka
Candana: Sandalwood paste
Carana: Practice
Caritra-mohaniya: Conduct-deluding karmas
Caritra: Conduct
Caru: Sweet
Catuhsarana: The four refuges
Caturvimsati-stava: Sanskrit caturyama-samvara; a synonym for caujjama-dhamma
Caujjama-dhamma: Sanskrit caturyama-dharma, the fourfold restraint ascribed to Parsva
Chaandalo money present given or taken on auspicious occasions; auspicious red mark on forehead; expense one is forced to incur as a sort of punishment; grain of pulse that has remained undissolved in cooking.
Chaandani moonlight; canopy
Chaap bow; arc of circle
Chaaran Ruddhi Dhaari ability of a supernatural power moving in the sky.
Chaaritra dharma conduct attribute
Chaaritra kshayik conduct formed due to destruction of delusion.
Chaaritra labdhi attainment of right conduct.
Chaaritra moha conduct deluding state, conduct related inclination of attachment, conduct related delusion
Chaaritra moha kshapak the destroyer of conduct deluding karma.
Chaaritra moha upshamak one who subsides the delusion related to conduct.
Chaaritra mohniya karma right conduct deluding karma, conduct deluding karma, conduct infatuating karma.
Chaaritra suddhi purification of conduct with different vows
Chaaritra vinay reverence to conduct
Chaaritrin ascetic
Chaarvak speaking agreeably, ß philosophy
Chaarvaka Sweet, speakers, An Indian philosophy; Materialist
Chaayaa Image
Chadmastha: A person in the state of bondage in this universe.
Chaitanya Consciousness
Chaitanya conscious soul, rationality, perception
Chaitanya chamatkaar eternal soul substance having capacity to know whole universe with its six substances with their past present and future modes.
Chaitanya dhatu conscious element.
Chaitanya naa vishesho keval gnaan, omniscient knowledge.
Chaitanya saamaanya all knower eternal existence of soul without any changes
Chaitanya swabhaav inherent nature of conscious soul
Chaitnya Practical; An attribute of Chetana dravya along with other attributes it consists of perception and knowledge
Chaitra Name of a month in the Indian calendar, extending roughly from the middle of March to the middle of April
Chaitya Chapel; Memorial; Shrine
Chaityavaasi Temple dweller
Chaityavandana Worship of lord Jina
Chakradhaari Universal monarch; World conqueror.
Chakravala Wheel
Chakravarti Monarch of area of Bharat i.e India or Airaavat; Universal monarch; World Conqueror
Chakravarti monarch of area of Bharat or Airavat, universal monarch, Bharat, sagar, madhavaa, Sanatkumaar, shanti, Kunthu, Ar, subhoum, Padma, Harishen, Jaysen, Brahmdatt,
Chakshu Ocular; Related to sight or eye
Chakshu darshan vision conation, ocular perception
Chakshu darshana Ocular perception
Chakshu-darshanavarana: Ocular-Conation-obscuring.
Chaksu indriya Visual sense organ; Sense of light
Chaksudarsana Visual sense organ; Sense of light
Chaksudarsanavarana karma Occular 4 conation obscuring karma
Chaksusa Visible
Chalita rasa Denatured taste; Fermented
Chamatkaar wonder, wonderful incident or appearance; miracle
Chamvar flywhisk
Chamvara Fly Whisk
Chanchalata unsteady , hesitating , impatient , transient , clever , active , smart
Chand a little; a few. the moon; small piece stuck to forehead as auspicious mark.
Chandaala Untouchable; Grave digger; Low caste.
Chandana Sandalwood
Chandr grahan lunar eclipse
Chandra smavatsara Lunar year
Chandraprabhu Eighth Teerthnakara
Chandrayana A variety of vows
Chankramana Rotation
Chano grain of gram.
Chapa Arc
char movable objects
charaachar movable and non movable objects
Charaksetra Motion range; Orbital space
Charam last. skin; hide; leather. last, final.
Charamaavart last cycle of change.
Charamadeha Last-timed body; Ultimate body
Charan ruddhi dhaari Ability of a supernatural power moving in the sky.
Charana Practice; Conduct
Charana-karananuyoga Primary / Secondary conductal exposition
Charanaamrita Solution of five sacreds
Charanaanuyog expositions related to ethics.
Charananuyoga A scripture type; Conductal exposition
Chardana Abandon
Charitra Conduct
Charitra anupasamika/ksayika Subsidential / destructional right conduct.
Charitra mohaniya Conduct-deluding
Charitra mohaniya karma Right conduct deluding karma
Charitra-moha Conduct-deluding Karma
Charitras: Right-conduct.
Charmachakshu Physical eye or eye made of skin or just eye
Charnaruddhi Sky-moving power
Charvalo Religious Cleaning brush
Charya Observance; Moving about; Routine duties.
Charyaa parishah walking with bare feet for monks
Chattaari Four
Chatudasa-purva 14 Purva pre-canon texts
Chatuh sarana Four refuges
Chaturanuka sansthana Rectangular Configuration; Quadri-lateral configutation
Chaturdasa-purvi/purvadhara Versed / Proficient in 14-purvas.
Chaturdasi Fourteenth day in each fortnight which is particularly important for the practice of austerities like fasting, giving up food at night and fortnightly confession.
Chaturindriya Four-sensed (Basically touch taste, smell and Sight
Chaturmaasa Four months of rainy Season; Rainy residence.
Chaturnikaaya Four-fold group; Four types.
Chaturthabhakta Fasting for a day
Chaturvidha Four-fold Order
Chaturvinshatistava Worshipping or eulogy of the twenty-four Jinas i.e. Tirthankars
Chaturyama samvara Four-fold; Four; Tetrad.
Chatuska quartet
Chatustay quartet. See also swa chatustay
Chau-bihara Timal Renunciation of foods
Chaundriya: Four-sensed.
Chauvissanttho A prayer to the twenty-four Tirthankaras of this kaal in Bharat Kshetra. We list, bow and praise them for their great virtues; Obeisance to the twenty four Teerthankaras Worshipping the twenty-four Tirthankars; Taking the Names of all 24 tirthankaras (this comes in the pratikaman of morning & evening)
Chavicheda Multilation
Chaya Common difference; Loss
Chayapachaya Metabalism
Cheda Section / Logarithm; Karmic destruction; Reduction in seniority; Suspension
Cheda ganita Longarithm
Cheda gati Karmic state
Cheda sutra A secondary canon; Disciplinary canonical texts
Cheda-sutra: A law book dealing with monastic offences
Cheda: Reduction in seniority
Chedopastha charitra Expiatory conduct-cum-reinitiation
Chel clothes
Chesta Conation; Gesture
Chetan animate, psychical, living; sentient; having life or consciousness. n. consciousness; vital; life; intelligence; vitality.
Chetan dravya Thinking substance, animate
Chetan dravya thinking substance, animate
Chetan tatva consciousness, sentience
Chetana Animate, psychical.
Chetana tatva Sentience; Consciousnees; Soul
Chetanaa Sentience; Consciousness (Awareness of things and events); Power of perception and knowledge; Where within the soul all the padarthas(substances) are cognized
Chetanaa darshana Perceptional sentience
Chetanaa vilaash atma vyavahaar, soul is eternal by absolute point of view and its nature of right faith, right knowledge and right conduct is its conventional form and that is chetanaa vilaash.
Chetanatva Sentience; Consciousnees; Soul
Chetanatva: along with Amurtatva, is a common attribute of the class of substance, orgroup of attributes,called Soul. Consciousness
Chetanshakti Consciousness
Chetnaa A soul’s attributes of knowledge and perceptrion; Consciousness; Vigor
Chetnaa Consciousness
Chetnaa consciousness, vigor, life, vitality; understanding.
Chetnaa gnaana Knowledge conscousness
Chetnaa swarup nature of consciousness
Chetnaa, Karma Karmic-consciousness
Chetnaa, Karma-phala Chetana Karmic reward consciousness
Chetyita only knower and perceiver
Chhaan dung of cow or buffalo; mettle, courage, spirit.
Chhaanu dung-cake (made for use as fuel)
Chhaap impress, imprint; stamp or seal; clear impress of printing impression created on the mind, opinion formed; pressure; influence; (of kite) sudden falling down.
Chhadma Lapse; Cover
Chhadmastha Chadma means jnanavarana and darsanavarana karma; The jiva who lives in the state of these twokarmas is Chadmastha; Non-omniscient.
Chhadmastha A non-omniscient being; A common man;
Chhadmastha a non-omniscient being, a common man
Chhadmastha vitaraaga Detached; Non-omniscient; Twefth stage
Chhakaay six types of living beings.
Chhala Fallacious reasoning
Chhala sankhyah Variable number
Chhala sila Jokular and jesticulated speeches
Chhand metre, verse
Chhatra Canopy; Parasol or umbrella
Chhatra canopy, parasol
Chhed cut, slit; hole, bore; denominator of fraction; destruction, removal of equanimity state.
Chhedavu cut, split; divide; intersect; make hole, bore; destroy, exterminate; divide as denominator.
Chhini scraper; iron wedge used in splitting wood; iron chisel for cutting metal; kind of cane growing in water.
Chhip shell; half of oyster-shell.
Chhod plant, sapling; shrub.
Chhodaa(of coconut) husk
Chid vivart knowledge mode’s transformation to know different objects of knowledge.(panchastikay gatha 28).
Chidaanand super sensuous bliss
Chidghan chitswarup, consciousness of soul, Chidrup, sentient, solid state of knowledge.
Chidroop Sentient or having a nature or attribute of of knowledge
Chidroop sentient
Chikaash stickiness; miserliness; fattiness; fat.
Chinmaya full of knowledge, or pure intelligence, Brahma, the Supreme Being.
Chinna Pierce; Cut; Destroy
Chinta Inductive logic; A variety of sensory knowledge
Chintaa worry.care, thought, inductive logic for example whenever there is smoke there is going to be fire, a kind of sensory knowledge, tark, uhaa, uhaapoh, are other names of chintaa, absence of the future knowledge creates worry.
Chintaa nirodh concentration, meditation
Chintaamani Wish-fulfilling gem; Worry removing gem; Thought gem
Chintaka Thinker
Chintamani thought gem
Chintan thinking, pondering; meditation, contemplation, thought, anxiety, reflecting up on. The subject matter is of various kind. The thought process keeps going on freely. Reflective thoughts keep on occurring. New subjects keep on adding all the time. ચિંતનમા વિષયોની કોઈ સીમા હોતી નથી. વિચાર ધારા ^n ભાવ થી વE 9. વિકલ્પો થયા ક= 9. નવા નવા વિષયો ના વિચારોથી ચિત્ત ઉભરાયા ક= 9.
ચિંતન = અનેક વિષય, અનેક વિકલ્પો અ’ એક વિષય અનેક વિકલ્પ
ભાવના – એક વિષય એક જ (કારના વિકલ્પ ‘+ પુનરાવર્તન
જ્ઞાન = એક વિષય એક વિકલ્પો પુનરાવર્તનનો અભાવ
(Ref: Atmasiddhi vivechan By Shri Rakeshbhai part 4 page 35-37)
Chintana Deep Thinking; Meditation
Chintya An object to thinker
Chipadaa mucus in the eyes, dried rheum, mucus or gum of eye
Chirkaala For ever
Chit consciousness, intelligence, consciousness of soul
Chit vrutti state of mind, trend of thought, inclination,desire, inclination, disposition, or inward working of mind
Chita vruksa Attainment tree
Chitaa funeral pyre or pile
Chitkhai Sticking; Adherence
Chitra ranga Diversified color; Variegated color
Chitt inner organ, mind; attention.
Chitt nirodh concentration, meditation.
Chitt prasanta serenity
Chitt saamaanya eternal nature of the soul with consciousness, eternal nature of the soul with knowledge and perception, natural state of the soul with consciousness.
Chitt suddhi purification of mind
Chitt swabhav natural state of pure knowledge and perception.
Chitt swarup the Supreme Spirit, Brahma, natural state of consciousness
Chitt vikaar agitation of mind
Chitta Mind; Psyche; Heart
Chitta prasantaa Serenity
Choindriya Soul that lives with four senses, namely touch, taste, smell and sight
Chomaasi Every four month; Quarterly
Choumassi Every four month; Quarterly
Chovishi Twenty four tirthankars’ time cycle, ten raise tofourteen sagaropam time.,dash krodakrodi sagaropam time; A group of twenty-four.
Chovishi twenty-four tirthankars’ time cycle, ten raise to fourteen sagaropam time.,dash krodakrodi sagaropam time
chulhaa hearth
Chulikaa Appendix
Chulikaa special presentation, appendix. peak, summit, a part of scriptural knowledge, 5th division of Drastivaad, revision of what is been said as well as addition of something else which is significant
Chuno lime
Churni Small commentary on Jaina canons
Churni detail analysis of scriptures. It is in pros form – gadhya form.
Churnikaa Small commentary on Jaina canons
Chya vaita Cast off
Chyut expired, violated, fallen, dethroned, deprived. Conventional point of view, when one has accepted- grahan and when one has negation – nishedh- for it? – From conventional point of view when one knows the absolute point of view then he has correctly accepted conventional point of view. When one knows that conventional point is as it is and is not the absolute point,
then one has negation for conventional point of view. (ref: Nay rahashya book by Abhaykumarji page 62)
Citrajnana: Knowledge of the picture
Culika: Appendix; a class of Jaina cononical texts
Cyavamana: Negligent