Caitanya: Consciousness
Caitya: Temple
Caityavasi: Temple-dweller
Cakravartin: Universal monarch
Caksuradijanita: Effected by eyes etc.
Caksurdarsana: Visual perception
Candala: Untouchable; a synonym for svapaka
Candana: Sandalwood paste
Carana: Practice
Caritra: Conduct
Caritra-mohaniya: Conduct-deluding karmas
Caru: Sweet
Catuhsarana: The four refuges
Caturvimsati-stava: Sanskrit caturyama-samvara; a synonym for caujjama-dhamma
Caujjama-dhamma: Sanskrit caturyama-dharma, the fourfold restraint ascribed to Parsva
Chadmastha: A person in the state of bondage in this universe.
Chakshu-darshanavarana: Ocular-Conation-obscuring.
Charitras: Right-conduct.
Chaundriya: Four-sensed.
Cheda: Reduction in seniority
Cheda-sutra: A law book dealing with monastic offences
Chetanatva: along with Amurtatva, is a common attribute of the class of substance, orgroup of attributes,called Soul. Consciousness
Citrajnana: Knowledge of the picture
Culika: Appendix; a class of Jaina cononical texts
Cyavamana: Negligent